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Prey (2022 Film) Ending Explained

The ending of Prey (2022) shows Naru defeating the Predator using her intelligence and skills. She returns to her tribe as a hero, warning them of future dangers.

Prey (2022) is a fresh take on the Predator franchise. Set in 1719, it follows Naru, a young Comanche woman, as she faces a deadly alien predator. The film has been praised for its historical setting and sturdy character development.

Naru’s Journey and Battle

Naru, played by Amber Midthunder, dreams of being a hunter like her brother Taabe. Despite her skills, her tribe doubts her. Her life changes when she sees a fireball in the sky, which turns out to be a Predator arriving on Earth.

The climax of the film is intense. Naru and Taabe get captured by French fur trappers who use them as bait for the Predator. The Predator kills the trappers, allowing Naru and Taabe to escape. In the final showdown, Naru uses her knowledge of the Predator’s technology and the environment to outwise it.

Naru lures the Predator into a mud pit and uses its own mask to turn its weapons against it. This clever strategy highlights her intelligence and resourcefulness. With the help of her dog, Sarii, Naru manages to sever the Predator’s head. She returns to her tribe as a hero and warns them of the impending danger, suggesting they move to safer ground (Ready Steady Cut).

Themes and Symbolism

Prey explores themes like the struggle for recognition, intelligence, adaptability, and the clash between tradition and innovation. Naru’s journey is a classic coming-of-age story. She must prove her worth in a society that underestimates her because of her gender. Her victory over the Predator is not just a physical triumph but also a symbolic one. It represents her breaking free from societal constraints and earning her place as a respected warrior (High on Films).

The film also delves into survival and the natural order. The Predator, an apex hunter, disrupts the ecosystem’s balance, forcing Naru to adapt and evolve. This mirrors the broader narrative of human resilience and ingenuity in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Connection to Predator Franchise

Prey serves as a prequel to the original Predator films. The early 18th-century setting contrasts with the futuristic settings of previous installments. This historical backdrop adds depth to the story and allows for a unique exploration of the Predator’s first hunt on Earth (Decider).

One intriguing connection to the franchise is the inclusion of a flintlock pistol with the inscription “Raphael Adolini 1715”. This pistol appears in Predator 2, where it is given to Danny Glover’s character by a group of Predators as a sign of respect. This detail ties Prey to the broader Predator mythology and suggests a continuity that fans will appreciate (What to Watch).

Potential for a Sequel

The ending of Prey hints at a potential sequel. During the end credits, drawings depict the arrival of more Predator ships, suggesting future confrontations. This visual tease implies that the Predators may return to seek revenge or continue their hunt, setting the stage for further adventures involving Naru and her tribe (Slash Film).

Given the film’s positive reception, a sequel seems likely. The film’s success shows that there is still sturdy interest in the Predator franchise, especially when approached with fresh ideas and a focus on character-driven storytelling (What to Watch).


Prey (2022) revitalizes the Predator franchise by returning to its roots while offering a fresh and engaging story. The film’s ending is both satisfying and open-ended, providing a fitting conclusion to Naru’s journey while hinting at future possibilities. Through its sturdy character development, thematic depth, and clever connections to the broader franchise, Prey stands out as a significant and successful addition to the Predator series.


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