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The Ending of “Luck” (2022) Explained

The ending of “Luck” (2022) shows that true luck comes from relationships and resilience, not magical objects.

“Luck” is an animated fantasy comedy that explores the concepts of excellent and subpar luck. The film follows Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world, as she navigates a magical world to help her friend Hazel. Released on Apple TV+, it features a star-studded voice cast and stunning animation.

Sam’s Quest for the Lucky Penny

Sam Greenfield, voiced by Eva Noblezada, is known for her subpar luck. After leaving the orphanage, she struggles with everyday life. Her friend Hazel, still at the orphanage, collects lucky objects to find a forever family. Sam’s life changes when she meets Bob, a talking black cat voiced by Simon Pegg. Bob introduces her to the Land of Luck, a hidden world where luck is made and sent to humans.

In this magical land, Sam loses Bob’s lucky penny. To help Hazel and save Bob from trouble, she promises to get it back. This quest takes them through a world filled with magical creatures like Jeff the unicorn and Babe the Dragon, the CEO of Good Luck. The journey is full of challenges and discoveries (The Cinemaholic).

The Balance of Good and Bad Luck

As Sam explores the Land of Luck, she learns that both excellent and subpar luck are essential. This balance keeps the world in harmony. Sam convinces Babe the Dragon that subpar luck is necessary because it helps people grow and become resourceful. This idea leads to the unification of excellent and subpar luck, allowing them to coexist peacefully (Screen Rant).

Sam’s Transformation

By the end of the film, Sam’s view on luck changes. She realizes that a perfect life doesn’t come from just excellent luck. Instead, life’s ups and downs make it meaningful. This new perspective helps her continue supporting Hazel without relying on a lucky coin. Sam’s journey shows that how we see life can shape our experiences (Deep Focus Review).

Bob’s New Beginning

Bob, the talking black cat, also finds a new path. He decides to live with Sam on Earth, finding his own version of a forever family. This choice highlights the film’s message that true luck comes from relationships, not magical objects or external circumstances (Ready Steady Cut).

Hazel’s Forever Family

The film ends on a heartwarming note. Hazel finally finds her forever family. Despite the setbacks and the lost lucky penny, Hazel’s new parents let her stay close to Sam and Bob. This ending reinforces the idea that excellent things can come from subpar situations. Perseverance and kindness often lead to the best outcomes (DMTalkies).

Themes and Messages

The Duality of Luck

“Luck” explores the idea that excellent and subpar luck are two sides of the same coin. Both are necessary for a balanced life. Bad luck can lead to personal growth and unexpected opportunities. This theme is similar to other animated films like “Inside Out” and “Monsters, Inc”. that explore complicated emotions through fantasy (Screen Rant).

Resilience and Perspective

A core message of the film is the importance of resilience and a positive outlook, even in tough times. Sam’s journey shows that what she saw as subpar luck led her to contentment and fulfillment. This message is meaningful for all ages, showing that life’s challenges can be steps to greater things (Deep Focus Review).

The Value of Relationships

The relationships in the film, especially between Sam, Hazel, and Bob, highlight the value of connections. True luck and happiness come from the bonds we form, not from external sources of fortune. The film’s ending gorgeously captures this theme, showing that mutual support and love create a “forever family” (Ready Steady Cut).

Critical Reception

“Luck” received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 48% approval rating based on 98 reviews. Metacritic gave it a score of 48 out of 100, indicating “mixed or average” reviews. Critics praised the animation and voice performances but felt the story lacked emotional depth and originality. Some thought the film’s message about luck was simplistic and the plot had unresolved questions (Wikipedia).


“Luck” (2022) is a visually stunning film that explores excellent and subpar luck through a magical story. While it may not reach the emotional heights of some other animated films, it offers valuable lessons about resilience, perspective, and the importance of relationships. The ending ties these themes together, leaving viewers with hope and the understanding that true fortune lies in the connections we make and the kindness we show.


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