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Ending of Bodies Bodies Bodies Explained

The ending of Bodies Bodies Bodies reveals that there was no killer. David’s death was a tragic accident caused by his own actions.

Bodies Bodies Bodies, directed by Halina Reijn, is a horror-comedy film released in 2022. It combines humor, horror, and social commentary, making it a unique take on the slasher genre. The film’s ending is particularly intriguing and offers a fresh perspective on the story.

Plot Summary

The story starts with seven young adults at a hurricane party in a remote mansion. The group includes Sophie and her new girlfriend Bee, David and his girlfriend Emma, Alice and her older boyfriend Greg, and Jordan. They decide to play a murder mystery game called “Bodies Bodies Bodies”. In this game, one person is the “killer” who “murders” others by touching them in the dark.

As the storm rages and the power goes out, the game turns deadly. David is found dead with his throat slit. Panic spreads, and the friends start suspecting each other. Accusations fly, and more deaths follow. The group’s personal conflicts and insecurities add to the tension.

The Final Twist

The climax of the film brings a shocking twist. Throughout the movie, everyone believes there is a murderer among them. However, the final twist reveals that there was no killer. David’s death was an accident.

In the last moments, Bee and Sophie, the only survivors, find David’s phone. They discover a video showing David trying a dangerous stunt for a TikTok video. He accidentally slits his own throat with a sword. This changes the entire story, turning it into a dark comedy about the dangers of social media and the lengths people go for online fame (Looper).

Themes and Character Dynamics

Social Media and Validation

One of the main themes is the impact of social media. David’s death, caused by his attempt to make a viral TikTok video, critiques the obsession with online fame. The film shows how the characters’ actions are driven by their need for validation from peers and online followers (Screen Rant).

Trust and Paranoia

The film also explores trust and paranoia. As the characters turn on each other, their insecurities and unresolved conflicts come out. Their inability to trust one another leads to tragic misunderstandings and violence. This is especially clear in the relationship between Sophie and Bee, whose trust is severely tested (Collider).

Class and Privilege

Another theme is class and privilege. The film critiques the characters’ privileged backgrounds, suggesting their wealth and social status have shielded them from real-life hardships. This privilege makes them ill-equipped to handle the crisis, as they are not used to dealing with genuine danger (Collider).

Critical Reception

Bodies Bodies Bodies received positive reviews. Critics praised its clever script, sturdy performances, and unique blend of horror and comedy. The film’s social commentary and genre subversion were also highlighted. The ensemble cast, especially Pete Davidson and Maria Bakalova, received acclaim for their performances (Variety).

The ending was particularly praised for its originality and surprise. By revealing that there was no killer and that the deaths were accidental, the film challenges viewers’ expectations. This twist adds dark humor and reinforces the themes of social media obsession and reckless behavior (Mashable).


Bodies Bodies Bodies blends horror, comedy, and social commentary to create a unique film. Its ending, revealing the supposed murders as a tragic accident, critiques social media culture and the dangers of seeking online validation. The film’s exploration of trust, paranoia, and privilege adds depth, making it a thought-provoking watch.

As it gains more viewers on streaming platforms, it will likely spark further discussions about its themes and place in the horror-comedy genre. Bodies Bodies Bodies showcases the creative potential of contemporary cinema, offering a fresh take on familiar tropes and delivering a memorable experience.


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