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Ending of Hot Seat Explained

The ending of Hot Seat (2022) shows Orlando outbrighting the villain and the bomb squad defusing the bomb just in time. The film wraps up with Orlando reuniting with his daughter, hinting at a fresh start.

Hot Seat is an action-thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The story follows Orlando Friar, a reformed hacker, who gets trapped in a deadly game. A bomb under his chair forces him to commit cybercrimes. The film’s ending ties up the intense plot with a mix of hacking skills and bomb squad expertise.

Plot Overview

Orlando Friar, played by Kevin Dillon, is a former hacker who now works at a computer repair call center. His ordinary day turns into a nightmare when an anonymous criminal plants a bomb under his chair. The villain communicates through an intercom, threatening to blow up the bomb if Orlando doesn’t comply with his demands. Orlando must hack into high-level banking systems to save his life.

The tension builds as Orlando navigates elaborate hacking tasks. The bomb squad, led by Wallace Reed (Mel Gibson), works to locate and defuse the bomb. The villain’s identity remains a mystery, adding to the suspense. The film’s climax takes place in Orlando’s office, where the final showdown occurs.

Key Characters

  • Orlando Friar (Kevin Dillon): The main character, a reformed hacker forced back into hacking.
  • Wallace Reed (Mel Gibson): A bomb squad officer trying to save Orlando.
  • Chief Pam Connelly (Shannen Doherty): The police chief in charge of the operation.
  • Sergeant Tobias (Sam Asghari): A bomb squad member.
  • Kim Friar (Lydia Hull): Orlando’s estranged wife.
  • Zoey Friar (Anna Harr): Orlando’s daughter.

The Climactic Ending

The climax of Hot Seat is intense and gripping. Orlando faces a series of hacking tasks while the bomb squad tries to defuse the bomb. The villain watches every move, making the situation even more dangerous. The tension peaks as Orlando races against time.

The Final Confrontation

In the final act, the bomb squad finds Orlando’s office. Wallace Reed and his team work carefully to defuse the bomb. Meanwhile, Orlando uses his hacking skills to trace the villain’s location. This leads to a confrontation between the police and the villain. The villain is caught, and the bomb squad defuses the bomb just in time.


The film ends with Orlando reuniting with his daughter, Zoey. This moment hints at a possible reconciliation with his estranged wife, Kim. The ending provides closure, showing Orlando overcoming his past and emerging as a hero.

Critical Reception

Hot Seat received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 17% approval rating based on 18 reviews, with an average rating of 3.5/10. Critics noted the film’s lack of originality and underwhelming execution. However, the performances of Kevin Dillon and Mel Gibson were praised for elevating the plot.

Audience Reactions

Audience reactions were also mixed. Some viewers enjoyed the suspense and the chemistry between the lead actors. Others found the plot predictable and the pacing uneven. Common criticisms included the film’s reliance on clichés and its failure to fully explore its intriguing premise.


Hot Seat (2022) delivers a tense and suspenseful story with a dramatic ending. The film’s resolution depends on Orlando’s hacking skills and the bomb squad’s expertise. Despite its flaws, the performances of Kevin Dillon and Mel Gibson make it worth watching. The ending offers a sense of closure and redemption for Orlando, making Hot Seat a satisfying watch for action-thriller fans.


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