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The Princess 2022 Ending Explained

The ending of The Princess (2022) shows the princess defeating Julius and being recognized as the heir to the kingdom. This marks a significant shift in the kingdom’s societal norms.

The Princess (2022) is a fantasy action comedy that blends intense action with a story of female empowerment. Directed by Le-Van Kiet and starring Joey King, the film has captured attention for its unique take on the medieval princess trope.

Plot Overview

Set in a medieval realm, the story follows a powerful-willed princess who refuses to marry Julius, a cruel man who wants the throne. Trained in martial arts by Linh, the niece of one of the king’s advisors, the princess finds herself locked in a remote tower after rejecting Julius at the altar. Julius, along with his henchwoman Moira and a group of mercenaries, takes over the castle and holds the royal family hostage (Wikipedia).

The princess fights her way through many adversaries to save her family. Her journey is filled with intense battles and showcases her resourcefulness and combat skills. The film’s action sequences are both thrilling and empowering, highlighting the princess’s determination and strength.

Climactic Battle

The climax of the film features a series of intense confrontations. The princess faces off against Moira, while Linh battles Julius. The princess manages to kill Moira using her own whip, showcasing her quick thinking and combat prowess. Meanwhile, Linh is critically injured by Julius, who then turns his attention to the princess (DMTalkies).

The final showdown between the princess and Julius is both brutal and visually striking. Julius overpowers the princess and brings her to her knees. As he gloats about his impending victory, the princess seizes an opportunity to strike. She grabs Julius’s sword and decapitates him, ending his tyrannical ambitions. This moment is a blend of practical and visual effects, emphasizing the brutality and finality of Julius’s defeat (Ready Steady Cut).

Symbolism and Themes

The ending of The Princess is rich in symbolism. The princess’s victory over Julius represents a triumph over patriarchal oppression. Throughout the film, the princess is depicted as a symbol of resistance against societal norms that seek to subjugate women. Her refusal to marry Julius and her subsequent actions underscore her determination to assert her autonomy and protect her family and kingdom (Screen Rant).

The film’s message of female empowerment is clear. The princess’s actions challenge the traditional roles assigned to women in medieval society. Her victory is not just a personal triumph but a statement against the oppressive structures that seek to control her.

The King’s Revelation

Following Julius’s defeat, the king undergoes a significant transformation. Initially, he intended to marry off his daughter to secure an heir. However, he acknowledges the princess’s worth and proclaims her as the heir to the kingdom. This declaration is a radical departure from the societal norms of the time, emphasizing the film’s message of female empowerment. The king’s recognition of his daughter’s capabilities and his decision to allow the daughters of the kingdom to make their own decisions regarding their fate mark a new era for the kingdom (Ready Steady Cut).

Critical Reception

The Princess received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics. Joey King’s performance was widely praised, with many noting her fierce portrayal of the titular character. The action sequences and choreography were also highlighted as strengths of the film. However, some critics pointed out that the screenplay was lacking in depth, with an over-reliance on clichés and a relatively straightforward plot (Variety).

Audience Reception

Upon its release, The Princess was one of the most streamed movies on Hulu, indicating powerful audience interest. According to Whip Media’s TV Time, it was the third most streamed movie across all platforms in the United States during the week of July 1 to July 3, 2022, and the fourth during the week of July 8 to July 10, 2022 (Wikipedia).


The ending of The Princess (2022) is a powerful culmination of the film’s themes of resistance and empowerment. The princess’s victory over Julius and the king’s subsequent recognition of her worth signify a rejection of patriarchal norms and a celebration of female agency. While the film may have its shortcomings in terms of screenplay depth, its action sequences and Joey King’s performance make it a noteworthy entry in the genre of action films with powerful female leads.


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