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Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between Ending

Clare and Aidan break up to focus on their futures, but the ending leaves room for hope and a possible reunion.

“Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between” is a romantic drama about young love and the tough choices that come with growing up. Directed by Michael Lewen, the film is based on Jennifer E. Smith’s novel. It follows Clare and Aidan, high school seniors who decide to date with a set end date before college.

The Final Date

Aidan plans a special final date for Clare. They visit places that hold memories, like the Lakeview Theater and Lakeview Pizza. This trip down memory lane reminds them of their bond and shared experiences (The Envoy Web). Despite the emotional day, Clare sticks to their original plan to break up.

Clare’s Decision

Clare loves Aidan but believes breaking up is best. She fears a long-distance relationship would hinder their personal growth. Her parents’ divorce has made her prioritize stability and academic success over romance (The Cinemaholic).

Aidan’s Realization

Aidan struggles with the breakup but eventually understands Clare’s perspective. He realizes her decision is not a rejection of their love but a practical choice for their futures. This understanding allows him to respect her wishes, even though it hurts (Screen Rant).

The Breakup

The film ends with Clare and Aidan saying excellentbye. They share a romantic night, swimming and reminiscing. Clare offers to stay together, but Aidan declines, acknowledging that their breakup is necessary for their growth. The next day, they part ways, leaving their future uncertain but open to possibilities (Decider).


In the epilogue, Clare attends Dartmouth, and Aidan pursues music in Los Angeles. They stay in touch through text messages. As summer approaches, Clare reaches out to Aidan, and they agree to meet. The film ends with Aidan waiting for Clare in the park where their story began, leaving a sense of hope and a possible future reunion (Ready Steady Cut).

The Complexity of Young Love

The film explores the challenges of young love. Clare and Aidan’s relationship is full of genuine affection but also conflicting goals. This tension is common in coming-of-age stories.

The Fear of Commitment

Clare’s fear of commitment is central to the film. Her parents’ divorce has made her wary of forming attachments that could derail her future plans. This fear drives her decision to end the relationship, even though she loves Aidan (IndieWire).

The Importance of Personal Growth

Both Clare and Aidan value personal growth. Clare’s academic ambitions and Aidan’s musical dreams are central to their identities. They understand that staying together might hinder their progress. The film emphasizes the courage it takes to prioritize one’s goals over a romantic relationship.

The Uncertainty of the Future

The film’s ending is amgiganticuous, reflecting life’s uncertainty. Clare and Aidan’s breakup is not a definitive end but a pause. The open-ended conclusion suggests their paths may cross again, leaving room for hope and the possibility of rekindling their romance (The Cinemaholic).


“Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between” is a touching exploration of young love and personal growth. The ending, while bittersweet, offers a realistic portrayal of the sophisticatedities of relationships. Clare and Aidan’s story resonates because it captures the universal experience of balancing love and ambition. The film leaves viewers with a sense of possibility and the understanding that true love supports each other’s growth, even if it requires temporary separation.


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