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V/H/S/99 Ending Explained

“V/H/S/99” is the fifth film in the “V/H/S” series. It features five short horror stories, each with a unique ending that leaves a lasting impact.

Released on October 20, 2022, on Shudder, “V/H/S/99” continues the tradition of found footage horror. The film uses stop-motion animations between segments, adding a quirky touch. Each story, directed by different filmmakers, explores various themes and delivers chilling conclusions.

Shredding: A Haunting Tale

“Shredding”, directed by Maggie Levin, kicks off the anthology. It follows a punk rock band filming a music video in an abandoned venue. This venue is infamous for a tragic fire that killed another band, Bitch Cat. The spirits of Bitch Cat are not at rest. The segment ends with these vengeful spirits attacking and killing the intruding band members. The haunting conclusion serves as a grim reminder of unresolved horrors from the past.

Suicide Bid: A Dark Ritual

Johannes Roberts directs “Suicide Bid”, a story about a college hazing ritual gone wrong. A freshman named Lily is buried alive as part of a sorority initiation. The sorority sisters fail to dig her out in time. The ending reveals Lily’s vengeful spirit haunting the sorority, leading to mysterious and deadly events. This segment highlights the terrifying consequences of cruel traditions.

Ozzy’s Dungeon: Twisted Entertainment

“Ozzy’s Dungeon”, directed by Flying Lotus, offers a dark twist on a children’s game show. A contestant named Donna gets severely injured during a challenge. Her mother seeks revenge on the show’s host. The segment ends with the host forced into a deadly game, meeting a gruesome fate. This story critiques the dark side of entertainment and the lengths people go for revenge.

The Gawkers: Consequences of Voyeurism

Tyler MacIntyre’s “The Gawkers” follows teenage boys spying on their attractive neighbor. They use a hidden camera and discover she is a Gorgon, a mythical creature that turns people to stone. The segment ends with the boys either killed or turned to stone by the Gorgon. This story emphasizes the severe consequences of voyeurism and invasion of privacy.

To Hell and Back: Supernatural Horror

The final segment, “To Hell and Back”, directed by Vanessa & Joseph Winter, is a supernatural horror tale. Two filmmakers accidentally summon a demon while making a documentary. They get transported to Hell and must find a way back. The segment ends with them narrowly escaping Hell, only to bring a demonic entity back with them. This sets the stage for further chaos and horror.

Themes in V/H/S/99

“V/H/S/99” explores various themes through its segments. These include revenge, curiosity, and the dark side of human nature. Each story explores different aspects of horror, providing a diverse experience for viewers.

Revenge and Retribution

Revenge is a recurring theme. In “Shredding”, the spirits of Bitch Cat seek vengeance. “Suicide Bid” shows Lily’s spirit exacting revenge on her sorority sisters. “Ozzy’s Dungeon” features a mother taking brutal action against a game show host. These stories highlight the destructive power of vengeance.

Consequences of Curiosity

“The Gawkers” and “To Hell and Back” emphasize the dangers of curiosity. The boys in “The Gawkers” pay the ultimate price for their voyeurism. The filmmakers in “To Hell and Back” face dire consequences for dabbling in the supernatural. These segments serve as cautionary tales about the perils of curiosity.

Dark Side of Human Nature

“V/H/S/99” explores the darker aspects of human nature. “Ozzy’s Dungeon” critiques the exploitative nature of entertainment. “Suicide Bid” exposes the cruelty of hazing rituals. These stories provide commentary on societal issues and moral complexities.

Critical Reception

“V/H/S/99” received mixed to positive reviews. Critics praised its nostalgic elements, creative storytelling, and effective scares. The film captures the chaotic nature of the late 1990s. However, some critics felt the lack of an overarching plot made it feel disjointed.

Box Office and Streaming Success

“V/H/S/99” premiered at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. It was later released on Shudder, breaking streaming records and becoming the platform’s most-viewed premiere. The film grossed $357,477 in home sales, indicating strong performance in the home entertainment market (Wikipedia).


“V/H/S/99” is a compelling addition to the “V/H/S” franchise. Each segment offers a unique and terrifying experience, exploring themes of revenge, curiosity, and human nature. While the lack of an overarching plot may be a drawback for some, the film’s creative storytelling and effective scares make it a worthy entry in the found footage horror genre.


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