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Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained

Thor: Love and Thunder ends with Thor taking on a new role as a guardian and mentor, while new characters and plotlines set the stage for future Marvel adventures.

Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi, is the fourth solo film featuring Thor. Released in 2022, it continues Thor’s journey after Avengers: Endgame. The movie explores themes of love, loss, and redemption, introducing new characters and bringing back familiar faces.

Thor’s Journey and Gorr’s Vendetta

At the start, Thor is on a journey of self-discovery, traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy. He is called back to action when Gorr the God Butcher begins a rampage to kill gods across the universe. Gorr’s vendetta stems from the death of his daughter and his disillusionment with the gods’ indifference to mortal suffering. Armed with the Necrosword, Gorr becomes a formidable adversary.

Thor reunites with his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Jane Foster, who has taken up the mantle of the Mighty Thor, wielding Mjolnir. Alongside King Valkyrie and Korg, they set out to stop Gorr and rescue the kidnapped children of New Asgard.

The final battle takes place in the realm of Eternity, where Gorr plans to use Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker, to open a portal and make a wish to annihilate all gods. Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie confront Gorr, but the battle takes a toll on them. Jane, who is battling cancer, uses the last of her strength to aid Thor, ultimately sacrificing herself.

Thor manages to imbue the captured Asgardian children with his power, allowing them to fight off Gorr’s shadow creatures. Despite their efforts, Gorr reaches Eternity and is on the verge of making his wish. However, Thor appeals to Gorr’s humanity, reminding him of his love for his daughter. Gorr, moved by Thor’s words, chooses to wish for his daughter’s resurrection instead of the gods’ destruction. Gorr dies from his wounds, but his daughter is brought back to life.

New Beginnings and Future Implications

In the aftermath, Thor takes on the responsibility of raising Gorr’s daughter, who is imbued with some of Eternity’s power. The film ends with Thor and the girl, now known as Love, traveling the universe together, righting wrongs and fighting battles. They are referred to as “Love and Thunder”, symbolizing their new partnership and Thor’s renewed sense of purpose (Radio Times).

Thor’s Character Development

Thor’s journey in Love and Thunder is one of self-discovery and redemption. He finds closure with Jane, who ascends to Valhalla after her death, and takes on a new role as a father figure to Love. This development marks a significant shift in Thor’s character, from a warrior seeking glory to a protector and mentor. It opens up new narrative possibilities for Thor in future MCU projects, potentially exploring his dynamic with Love and their adventures across the cosmos (Den of Geek).

Introduction of Hercules

The mid-credits scene introduces Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein, setting up a potential future conflict between Thor and the Greek gods. Zeus, portrayed by Russell Crowe, tasks Hercules with avenging his perceived slight by Thor. This introduction hints at a broader exploration of mythological pantheons within the MCU and sets the stage for Hercules to play a significant role in future films, possibly as an antagonist-turned-ally (IGN).

Jane Foster’s Legacy

Jane Foster’s transformation into the Mighty Thor and her subsequent death have profound implications. While she ascends to Valhalla, the possibility of her return remains open, as characters in the MCU have been known to come back from the dead. In the comics, Jane becomes the new Valkyrie, a role that could be explored in future films if Natalie Portman returns to the franchise. Her character’s journey also highlights themes of heroism and sacrifice, adding depth to the MCU’s portrayal of its heroes (Polygon).

New Asgard’s Evolution

New Asgard, under King Valkyrie’s leadership, undergoes significant changes. The film portrays it as a thriving community, balancing its heritage with modernity. Valkyrie’s efforts to transform New Asgard from a tourist attraction to a warrior nation reflect her growth as a leader. This evolution sets the stage for New Asgard to play a more prominent role in future MCU stories, potentially as a key ally in intergalactic conflicts (Collider).


Thor: Love and Thunder concludes with a mix of resolution and new beginnings. Thor’s journey of self-discovery leads him to a new purpose as a guardian and mentor, while the introduction of new characters and plotlines sets the stage for future MCU adventures. The film’s ending, with its blend of action, emotion, and humor, encapsulates the essence of Taika Waititi’s vision for the character and the franchise. As the MCU continues to expand, Thor: Love and Thunder leaves fans with much to anticipate in the God of Thunder’s future.


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