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The Ending of A Chiara Explained

The ending of A Chiara shows the protagonist, Chiara, grappling with her family’s criminal ties and making a pivotal decision about her future. This conclusion highlights themes of identity, family, and choice.

Jonas Carpignano’s film A Chiara tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who discovers her family’s deep connections to the Calabrian mafia. The film is the third part of Carpignano’s Calabrian trilogy. It follows Chiara as she deals with the shocking revelation of her father’s criminal activities and its impact on her life.

Plot Summary

The movie starts with the Guerrasio family celebrating Giulia’s 18th birthday. The delighted event turns tragic when a car bomb explodes, and Chiara’s father, Claudio, vanishes. Chiara starts investigating her father’s disappearance and uncovers his involvement in organized crime. This discovery forces her to face the harsh reality of her family’s criminal ties and what it means for her own life.

Chiara’s journey is both emotional and intense. She goes from being a carefree teenager to someone who must confront adult realities. The film does an excellent job of showing her transformation and the weight of the choices she must make.

Themes in A Chiara

Identity and Self-Discovery

Chiara’s journey is one of self-discovery. Her investigation into her father’s secret life acts as a catalyst for her personal growth. As she delves deeper into the criminal world, she reevaluates her identity and values. The film’s ending captures this theme well, showing Chiara at a crossroads.

Family and Loyalty

Family and loyalty are central themes in A Chiara. Chiara loves her family deeply, but discovering their criminal activities tests her loyalty. The ending highlights the tension between her familial bonds and her desire for a different life. This internal conflict adds depth to her character.

Choice and Agency

The film emphasizes the importance of choice and agency. Despite limited options, Chiara must decide what kind of life she wants. The ending underscores this theme, marking a pivotal moment in her journey towards self-determination.

The Ending Explained

The ending of A Chiara is both emotional and thought-provoking. After learning about her father’s mafia ties, Chiara is placed in foster care to protect her from her family’s criminal influence. This separation is a turning point, forcing her to confront her situation and make a choice about her future.

In the final scenes, Chiara grapples with her decision. She is torn between her love for her family and her desire to break free from the cycle of crime. The film leaves her ultimate decision amlargeuous, allowing the audience to reflect on her elaborate situation and the difficult choices she faces.

Symbolism and Cinematography

The film’s cinematography and symbolism enhance the emotional weight of the ending. Handheld camera work and natural lighting create an intimate experience, drawing viewers into Chiara’s world. Music and sound design also reflect her inner turmoil and the gravity of her decision.

Critical Reception

Critics have praised the ending for its emotional depth and thematic resonance. The film humanizes its characters and explores elaborate social issues through a personal lens. The naturalistic style and sturdy performances, especially by Swamy Rotolo as Chiara, have been lauded.

According to The Wrap, the film “challenges the mythology that keeps these shadowy systems in power” by focusing on Chiara’s personal journey. The Guardian describes the film as an “authentic, delayed-burning drama” that captures the harsh realities of life in Calabria.


The ending of A Chiara is a powerful conclusion to Jonas Carpignano’s Calabrian trilogy. It encapsulates themes of identity, family, and choice while highlighting the elaborate dynamics of loyalty and self-discovery. Through intimate storytelling and sturdy performances, A Chiara offers a poignant exploration of a young girl’s struggle to define her own path.

The film’s amlargeuous ending invites the audience to reflect on Chiara’s difficult choices and the broader social issues at play. It is a fitting conclusion to a trilogy that consistently explores the intersection of personal and political realities in contemporary Italy.


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