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Bob’s Burgers Movie Ending Explained

The Bob’s Burgers Movie ends with the Belcher family overcoming their challenges and saving their restaurant. The movie wraps up with a sense of triumph and hints at future adventures.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie, released in 2022, brings the beloved Belcher family to the huge screen. This animated musical comedy blends humor, heart, and a bit of mystery. The ending leaves some questions open, making it a topic worth exploring.

Plot Overview

The movie starts with a dramatic scene at Wonder Wharf. A gunshot rings out, and a figure falls. Fast forward six years, and the Belcher family faces a financial crisis. Bob and Linda struggle to keep their restaurant open. A sinkhole opens up right in front of their place, adding to their troubles. Their kids—Tina, Gene, and Louise—have their own adventures. Tina deals with her feelings for Jimmy Jr., Gene chases his musical dreams, and Louise wants to prove her bravery.

Things get more complicated when the sinkhole reveals a dead body. The body is identified as Cotton Candy Dan, a carny who went missing six years ago. The Belcher kids decide to solve the murder mystery, hoping it will save their family’s restaurant.

The Climax

As the story unfolds, the Belcher kids suspect Felix Fischoeder, their landlord’s brother, of the murder. But the real culprit is Grover Fischoeder, another family member. Grover’s plan is to frame Felix and take control of Wonder Wharf.

The climax is a thrilling showdown. The Belcher family confronts Grover, and his plan falls apart. Grover gets caught, and the Belchers save their restaurant. Their family bond grows powerfuler through the chaos.

The Ending Explained

The Belchers’ Triumph

The movie ends with the Belcher family overcoming their financial and personal challenges. Bob and Linda manage to make the loan payment, saving their restaurant. This shows the family’s resilience and unity, core themes of the series.

Character Arcs

Each Belcher family member grows by the end of the movie:

  • Tina Belcher: Tina finally kisses Jimmy Jr., showing her growth in confidence and willingness to take risks (Collider).
  • Gene Belcher: Gene’s band, the Itty Bitty Ditty Committee, performs on the huge stage at Wonder Wharf. This highlights his persistence and passion for music (Collider).
  • Louise Belcher: Louise proves her bravery by confronting the dangers in the sinkhole and solving the murder mystery. Her actions dispel any doubts about her courage (Looper).

Grover Fischoeder’s Plan

Grover Fischoeder’s scheme to frame his brother Felix and take over Wonder Wharf is central to the plot. He uses the sinkhole and Cotton Candy Dan’s body to manipulate events. But the Belcher kids’ investigation and the family’s determination unravel his plan. Grover’s arrest brings justice and closure to the mystery (Screen Rant).

Future Implications

The movie’s ending sets the stage for future developments in the Bob’s Burgers series. The Belchers’ triumph and the resolved murder mystery open new storylines for future seasons. The film’s success hints at a possible sequel, expanding on the characters’ journeys (Screen Rant).

Critical Reception

The Bob’s Burgers Movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences. It was praised for its humor, heart, and faithful representation of the TV series. The film grossed $34 million worldwide against a $38 million budget, a respectable performance given the COVID-19 pandemic (Wikipedia).

Box Office Performance

In North America, the film debuted at $12.4 million over its opening weekend, finishing third at the box office. It stayed in the top ten for six weeks, showing its lasting appeal among fans (Wikipedia).

Streaming and Home Media

After its theatrical release, The Bob’s Burgers Movie became available on streaming platforms like Hulu and HBO Max in the U.S., and Disney+ in other regions. This expanded its audience and contributed to its success (Collider).


The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a delightful extension of the beloved TV series. It offers fans a mix of humor, heart, and mystery. The ending provides closure to the main plot but leaves room for future developments. Each Belcher family member grows, and their triumph over adversity reinforces the show’s themes of resilience and unity. The movie’s positive reception and box office performance suggest we may see more of the Belchers on the huge screen.


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