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Studio 666 Ending Explained

The ending of Studio 666 is a mix of horror and comedy, leaving viewers both shocked and amused. The Foo Fighters face a haunted mansion, possession, and betrayal.

Studio 666, a 2022 film, features the Foo Fighters recording their tenth album in a haunted mansion. The film blends horror and comedy, leading to a chaotic and bloody finale. Let’s dive into the details of the film’s ending, exploring the twists, character fates, and themes.

Plot Overview

The Foo Fighters struggle to create new music for their tenth album. They decide to record in a secluded mansion in Encino, California. This mansion has a dark past, being the site of a brutal massacre of the band Dream Widow in the 1990s. Lead singer Dave Grohl becomes obsessed with an eerie reverb in the mansion’s basement. This leads to his possession by an evil spirit known as The Caretaker. As Grohl’s behavior becomes more erratic and violent, the band members realize they must exorcise him to survive.

The film’s climax is marked by a series of gruesome deaths and shocking revelations. After the lead guitarist Shifty is killed via a grill, Samantha (the neighbor) and keyboardist Rami are the next victims. Drummer Taylor Hawkins tries to sabotage the recording by messing up the drum track but is ultimately killed by his own cymbal. This leaves rhythm guitarist Pat Smear and bass player Nate Mendel to lift the curse by reading from a satanic book inspired by the “Evil Dead” Necronomicon.

Despite their efforts, the curse is not fully lifted. The realtor Barb and the band’s manager reveal that they orchestrated the entire incident. With the song completed, the curse remains active. Barb murders Nate, and Pat is run over by the Foo Fighters’ van, leaving Dave Grohl, still possessed, to embark on a solo career (Screen Rant).

Themes in Studio 666

Friendship and Loyalty

One of the central themes of Studio 666 is the bond of friendship and loyalty among the band members. Despite the supernatural chaos, the Foo Fighters’ camaraderie remains evident. The film highlights the struggle of maintaining unity in the face of external and internal threats. Dave Grohl’s possession and subsequent actions serve as a metaphor for the pressures and temptations that can threaten to tear a band apart.

The Music Industry

The film also offers a critique of the music industry, particularly the tendency to prioritize profit over artistic integrity. Jeff Garlin’s character, the band’s manager, embodies this critique. He is willing to exploit the band’s supernatural ordeal for financial gain, even suggesting a solo career for Grohl once he is re-possessed. This reflects the real-life pressures musicians face to conform to commercial demands, often at the expense of their creative vision (Screen Rant).

Horror and Comedy

Studio 666 successfully blends horror and comedy, creating a unique viewing experience. The film pays homage to classic horror tropes while infusing them with humor. The gruesome deaths are depicted with a sense of absurdity, making them both shocking and amusing. The film’s self-awareness and willingness to embrace its own ridiculousness contribute to its charm (Slash Film).

Critical Reception

Studio 666 received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the film for its originality and the Foo Fighters’ commitment to the project. The band’s enthusiasm and willingness to poke fun at themselves were highlighted as strengths. However, others criticized the film for its uneven pacing and lack of comedic momentum. The performances of the band members, while earnest, were seen as lacking the polish of professional actors (Screen Daily).


Studio 666 is a film that defies easy categorization. It is a horror-comedy that manages to be both genuinely scary and hilariously absurd. The ending, with its unexpected twists and dark humor, encapsulates the film’s unique blend of genres. While not without its flaws, Studio 666 offers a fresh take on the haunted house trope and provides a fun, if somewhat chaotic, viewing experience.

The film’s exploration of themes such as friendship, loyalty, and the pressures of the music industry adds depth to its narrative. Ultimately, Studio 666 is a testament to the Foo Fighters’ creativity and willingness to take risks. It is a film that will likely be appreciated by fans of the band and those who enjoy a exceptional horror-comedy.


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