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Ending of Cyrano (2021 Film)

The ending of Cyrano (2021) is both tragic and heartfelt. Cyrano confesses his love to Roxanne just before he dies in her arms.

Joe Wright’s film Cyrano is a romantic musical that brings a fresh take on a classic story. The film stars Peter Dinklage as Cyrano, who is deeply in love with his friend Roxanne. Despite its box office struggles, the film received praise for its performances and music.

Plot Overview

Cyrano is a soldier known for his wit and skill with a sword. He loves Roxanne but feels unworthy due to his short stature. Roxanne falls for Christian, a handsome but inarticulate soldier. Cyrano helps Christian by writing love letters for him, allowing Christian to woo Roxanne with Cyrano’s words.

The film makes some changes from the original play. Cyrano’s large nose, a key feature in the play, is replaced by his short stature as the source of his insecurities. The film also includes musical elements, with songs by Bryce and Aaron Dessner, adding a modern twist to the story.

The Climactic Revelation

In the climax, Cyrano and Christian are at war. Cyrano continues to send letters to Roxanne, pretending they are from Christian. De Guiche, a rival, sends their unit on a suicide mission. Christian finds a letter stained with Cyrano’s tears and realizes Cyrano loves Roxanne. He urges Cyrano to confess before he runs out to fight and is killed.

Three years later, Cyrano is poor and sick from war wounds. He visits Roxanne, who lives in a convent. Sensing his end, Cyrano recites Christian’s final letter from memory, revealing he wrote all the letters. Roxanne realizes Cyrano’s love, and they declare their love for each other just before Cyrano dies in her arms.

Themes and Analysis

Pride and Insecurity

Cyrano’s pride and ego prevent him from confessing his love. Despite his bravery, he fears rejection and humiliation. His pride stops him from seeing that Roxanne could love him for who he is.

Physical Appearance and Societal Perception

The film highlights how physical appearance and societal status affect self-perception. Cyrano’s insecurities about his stature lead him to hide behind Christian, missing out on love. This theme is clear in the final scene, where Cyrano’s late confession leaves emotional scars.

The Power of Words

Cyrano’s eloquence and wit are central to the story. His words allow him to connect with Roxanne deeply, even through Christian. The musical format enhances this theme, with songs expressing the characters’ inner feelings.

Critical Reception

The film received positive reviews, especially for Peter Dinklage’s performance and the musical score. Critics praised Dinklage’s portrayal of Cyrano, capturing his internal struggle and unrequited love. The modern take on the classic story and the musical elements were well-received.

However, the film was a box office disappointment, grossing only $6.4 million against a $30 million budget. Despite this, it received several award nominations, including a Best Actor nomination for Dinklage at the Golden Globe Awards and a Best Costume Design nod at the Academy Awards.


Joe Wright’s Cyrano offers a fresh take on Edmond Rostand’s classic play. The film’s ending, with Cyrano’s late confession and tragic death, highlights themes of pride, insecurity, and the power of words. Despite its box office performance, the film’s critical acclaim and Dinklage’s standout performance make it a noteworthy adaptation.


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