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Moonshot 2022 Film Ending Explained

In Moonshot, Walt and Sophie decide to return to Earth together, highlighting the importance of human connection and the need to address Earth’s issues.

Moonshot is a sci-fi romantic comedy set in 2049. It follows Walt and Sophie on their journey from Earth to Mars. The film explores themes of love, adventure, and societal issues.

Walt’s Dream and Sophie’s Dilemma

Walt, played by Cole Sprouse, works as an assistant to a robot barista. He dreams of traveling to Mars but faces constant rejection from the Kovi Industries Program. His desire to reach Mars grows after meeting Ginny, who moves to Mars the day after they meet. Determined, Walt crashes a university party and meets Sophie, a science genius working on garbage-eating plants. Their initial interaction is rocky, but they bond over shared dreams and goals (The Envoy Web).

Sophie, played by Lana Condor, has a boyfriend named Calvin who is already on Mars. Despite her commitment to Calvin, she helps Walt stow away on a space shuttle to Mars. Their journey is filled with humorous and heartfelt moments as they pretend to be a couple to avoid suspicion. As they grow closer, Sophie’s feelings for Walt become evident, creating a conflict within her.

Reaching Mars and Realizations

The climax of the film occurs when Walt and Sophie finally reach Mars. Sophie is about to confess her feelings to Calvin but hesitates when she sees the life he has built for her on Mars. She decides to stay with Calvin, believing that her place is with him. Meanwhile, Walt realizes that his pursuit of Ginny was driven by a sense of adventure rather than genuine love. He decides to return to Earth, understanding that his true place is there (Screen Rant).

The Poignant Ending

The ending of Moonshot is both predictable and poignant. Walt and Sophie ultimately decide to return to Earth together. This decision underscores the film’s central theme: the importance of human connection and the realization that true adventure lies in the relationships we build, not in the places we go. Walt’s support gives Sophie the courage to pursue her plans to fix Earth, even if it means doing so without Calvin’s help. This ending highlights the film’s message of hope and the belief that Earth is worth saving (High on Films).

Humanity and Technology

One of the recurring themes in Moonshot is the contrast between humanity and technology. Walt’s character, with his childlike wonder and excitement, stands out in a world dominated by scientific geniuses and advanced technology. His journey is not just about reaching Mars but about finding his place in a world that often feels mechanical and impersonal (High on Films).

Societal Issues

Moonshot also tackles several societal issues, including environmental decline, class privilege, and wealth inequality. The film’s setting in a future where only the wealthy can afford to travel to Mars serves as a critique of the current socio-economic disparities. The movie suggests that while billionaires can escape Earth’s problems, the real solution lies in addressing these issues head-on (Screen Rant).

Romantic Comedy Tropes

Despite its sci-fi setting, Moonshot adheres to many classic romantic comedy tropes. The film’s plot is predictable, with the two leads falling in love despite their differences. However, the unique setting and the chemistry between Sprouse and Condor add a fresh twist to the familiar formula. The film’s humor and heartfelt moments make it an enjoyable watch, even if it doesn’t break new ground in the genre (Roger Ebert).

Critical Reception

Moonshot received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the film for its charming leads and its blend of sci-fi and romance, while others criticized it for its lack of originality and depth. The film’s production design and the chemistry between Sprouse and Condor were often highlighted as its strengths. However, the movie’s predictable plot and underdeveloped characters were seen as significant drawbacks (Rotten Tomatoes).


Moonshot is a charming yet predictable romantic comedy set against a sci-fi backdrop. Its ending reinforces the film’s central themes of human connection and the importance of addressing societal issues. While it may not be groundbreaking, it offers a feel-exceptional experience with a message of hope and resilience. The film’s unique setting and the chemistry between its leads make it a worthwhile watch for fans of the genre.


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