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Ending of Morbius Explained

The ending of Morbius leaves many questions and sets up future films. Dr. Michael Morbius, now a living vampire, faces new challenges and potential allies.

Morbius, directed by Daniel Espinosa and starring Jared Leto, has sparked much debate. The film follows Dr. Michael Morbius, a biologist who becomes a vampire while trying to cure a rare blood disease. The ending hints at sequels and connections to the Marvel multiverse.

Plot Summary Leading to the Ending

Dr. Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, suffers from a rare blood disease. He travels to Costa Rica, where he finds vampire bats that might help him. With his colleague Dr. Martine Bancroft, he conducts an experiment in international waters. This experiment turns him into a vampire with superhuman abilities like super strength and echolocation. However, he also gains an insatiable thirst for blood (GamesRadar).

Back in New York, Morbius’ childhood friend Milo, who also has the same disease, becomes jealous. Milo takes the serum and transforms into a vampire too. Unlike Morbius, Milo embraces his monstrous side, leading to a showdown between the two friends (IGN).

The Climactic Battle

The final battle happens in New York City. Milo, driven by bloodlust, attacks Dr. Martine Bancroft, Morbius’ colleague and love interest. Morbius tries to save her by letting a drop of his blood fall into her mouth. This hints that she might become a vampire (Screen Rant).

The fight between Morbius and Milo is intense. Morbius uses a special chemical injection to kill Milo. This injection is designed to kill both a vampire bat and a human. The battle is chaotic, with Morbius summoning bats to distract Milo. This allows him to deliver the fatal injection (The Digital Fix).

The Aftermath and Cliffhangers

The film ends with many unresolved issues. Martine Bancroft, who seemed dead, wakes up with red, vampiric eyes. This suggests she has become a vampire. This opens up many possibilities for her character in future films (Yahoo News).

Morbius, now a fugitive, flies off into the night. He leaves Martine behind, making his future uncertain. He must now navigate his new life as a living vampire while being hunted by the law (IGN).

Post-Credits Scenes and Future Implications

Morbius has two mid-credits scenes that impact the Marvel multiverse. The first scene shows a dimensional rift, like the one in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This rift allows Adrian Toomes, also known as Vulture, to enter Morbius’ universe. The second scene shows Morbius meeting Vulture. They hint at a team-up and the formation of the Sinister Six, a group of Spider-Man villains (Variety).

These scenes suggest that Sony wants to expand its Spider-Man Universe. The inclusion of Vulture, a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hints at a possible collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios (Entertainment Weekly).

Critical Reception and Future Prospects

Despite the setup for future films, Morbius has received negative reviews. Critics have called the plot, character development, and special effects incoherent and underwhelming. However, the ending and post-credits scenes have generated interest in the character’s future (Roger Ebert).

Sony has not confirmed a sequel, but the ending sets the stage for more stories. The decision will likely depend on the film’s box office performance and audience reception (Screen Rant).


The ending of Morbius leaves many questions and possibilities. The climactic battle, unresolved plot points, and post-credits scenes suggest enormous plans for the character. While the film has faced criticism, its conclusion sets up potential sequels and crossovers with other Marvel properties. It will be fascinating to see how Morbius fits into the broader Marvel multiverse and what new adventures await the Living Vampire.


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