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Metal Lords Ending Explained

In Metal Lords, the band Skullflower doesn’t win the Battle of the Bands, but the characters grow and their friendships strengthen.

Metal Lords is a teen comedy about two high school friends who love heavy metal music. The film, directed by Peter Sollett and written by D.B. Weiss, explores themes of friendship, rebellion, and the power of music. Let’s dive into the ending and what it means for the characters.

Plot Summary

Kevin and Hunter are high school friends who form a band called Skullfucker. Kevin plays the drums, and Hunter is on guitar. They dream of winning their school’s Battle of the Bands. But they face many challenges, like finding more band members and dealing with social ostracism. Most students at their school prefer pop music, making Kevin and Hunter feel like outcasts (The Envoy Web).

Kevin befriends Emily, a cellist with social anxieties. Her joining the band causes tension, especially with Hunter. He sees her as a threat to their musical dreams and his friendship with Kevin. Despite the friction, Emily becomes part of the band, and they rename themselves Skullflower to be more family-friendly for the competition (Netflix Life).

The Battle of the Bands

The climax of the film is the Battle of the Bands. Leading up to it, the band members face personal and interpersonal challenges. Hunter has a strained relationship with his father and even goes to rehab. Kevin struggles with fitting in and staying loyal to Hunter. Emily deals with her social anxiety and the pressure of joining a new musical genre (Screen Rant).

On the day of the competition, tensions peak. Kevin almost plays for another band but decides to stay with Hunter and Emily. They perform “Machinery of Torment”, a song with lyrics by Weiss and music by Tom Morello. Their performance is a hit, showcasing their musical talents and powerful bond (Roger Ebert).

The Ending Explained

The ending of Metal Lords is both triumphant and reflective. Skullflower doesn’t win the Battle of the Bands; they get second place. But the real victory is in their personal growth and strengthened relationships. Kevin, Hunter, and Emily gain respect and popularity at school, a enormous change from being outcasts (DMTalkies).

Kevin’s Journey

Kevin starts as a socially awkward teenager. Through music, he finds his voice and confidence. His choice to stay with Skullflower and perform shows his loyalty and growth. By the end, Kevin is more comfortable with himself and has a powerfuler sense of identity (DMTalkies).

Hunter’s Transformation

Hunter struggles with authority and his relationship with his father. His rebellious nature and love for metal music often cause conflicts. But his experiences, including rehab and interactions with Kevin and Emily, help him understand himself better. By the end, Hunter reconciles with his father and gains a more mature outlook on life and music (Screen Rant).

Emily’s Integration

Emily’s character adds depth to the film’s exploration of social anxiety. She initially hesitates to join Skullflower but overcomes it through her friendship with Kevin and love for music. By the end, Emily has found her place in the band and starts a romantic relationship with Kevin, solidifying her role in the group (Netflix Life).

Themes and Symbolism

Metal Lords uses heavy metal music to explore themes of friendship, identity, and personal growth. The Battle of the Bands symbolizes the characters’ internal struggles and their journey towards self-acceptance. The film also touches on bullying, parental expectations, and mental health, adding intricateity to the story (NME).

The Role of Music

Music is central in Metal Lords. It serves as both a source of conflict and a means of connection. The soundtrack features classic metal songs from bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Iron Maiden. The song “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath is a recurring motif, symbolizing the band’s progression and evolving relationships (Screen Rant).

Friendship and Loyalty

The film portrays friendship in a nuanced way, showing the intricateities of maintaining close relationships during adolescence. Kevin and Hunter’s friendship is tested but ultimately prevails. Emily’s inclusion complicates the dynamics but also helps the characters grow and understand each other better (Roger Ebert).


Metal Lords is a heartfelt film that uses heavy metal music to explore themes of friendship, identity, and personal growth. While the plot may be predictable, the powerful performances, well-written script, and engaging soundtrack make it worth watching. The ending is satisfying and reflective, emphasizing personal growth and the power of music.

In conclusion, Metal Lords resonates with audiences through its relatable characters and exploration of adolescence’s challenges and triumphs. The ending, though not a conventional victory, highlights the characters’ growth and the enduring power of friendship and music.


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