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Ending of Father Stu Explained

The ending of Father Stu shows Stuart Long’s transformation into a priest, his impact on others, and his final moments.

Father Stu, a 2022 biographical drama, tells the story of Stuart Long. He starts as a boxer and ends up as a Catholic priest. The film explores themes of faith, redemption, and suffering.

Stuart’s Journey to Priesthood

Stuart Long’s life changes after a near-fatal motorcycle accident. He moves from seeking fame in Hollywood to embracing Catholicism. Despite facing a muscle disease called inclusion body myositis, he remains committed to his faith. This disease makes his journey even more inspiring.

Stuart’s ordination as a priest is a key moment. His church community petitions for his ordination despite his illness. The bishop agrees, and Stuart becomes a priest. This event marks the peak of his spiritual journey. His first mass is emotional. He talks about his life and illness, comparing his suffering to Jesus Christ’s. This sermon deeply touches the congregation.

Stuart continues his ministry even as his condition worsens. He moves to a special care facility but remains dedicated. People line up to hear him speak and confess. His words and actions leave a lasting impact on many.

One touching moment involves a young man named Jacob. Jacob feels forced into priesthood by his parents. Stuart advises him to find other ways to serve God. This advice shows Stuart’s understanding and compassion.

Family Reconciliation

Stuart’s relationship with his parents, especially his father Bill, improves. Bill struggles with alcoholism and the loss of another son. By the end, Bill joins a support group and decides to support his wife. Stuart’s influence helps bring peace to his family.

Stuart’s final days are filled with love and faith. He celebrates his last mass in May 2014. His physical condition makes it hard, but he perseveres. He spends his last days in a care facility, surrounded by loved ones. Stuart passes away on June 9, 2014, at age 50.

The film ends with real clips of Stuart Long. These clips add authenticity and honor his legacy.

Themes of Redemption and Suffering

Redemption is a central theme. Stuart’s transformation from a boxer to a priest shows the power of faith. His story proves that anyone can find redemption.

Suffering is another key theme. Stuart’s muscle disease symbolizes his trials. He sees his suffering as a gift from God. This view helps him connect deeply with others.

Family reconciliation is also essential. Stuart’s faith helps heal his family’s broken relationships. This adds emotional depth to the story.

Mixed Critical Reception

Father Stu received mixed reviews. Some praised Mark Wahlberg’s performance and the film’s sincerity. Others criticized its storytelling and character development. The film’s powerful language led to a PG-13 version called Father Stu: Reborn.


The ending of Father Stu highlights themes of redemption, suffering, and reconciliation. Stuart Long’s journey from a boxer to a priest shows the power of faith. Despite its flaws, the film offers a heartfelt portrayal of a man’s commitment to his beliefs and his impact on others.


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