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Grimcutty Ending Explained Clearly

The ending of Grimcutty reveals that the monster is a manifestation of parental fear. By calming down, the parents can weaken and dispel the creature.

Grimcutty, a 2022 horror film, explores the anxieties of the digital age. The movie, directed by John Ross, premiered on Hulu and has sparked discussions about its unique premise. The story revolves around a monstrous internet meme that terrorizes teenagers and their families.

Plot Summary

Grimcutty follows the Chaudhry family, focusing on Asha and her younger brother Kamran. The story begins with Melinda Jaynes, a concerned mother, who becomes worried about her son Brandon’s internet activities. This concern escalates when Brandon, influenced by the Grimcutty, stabs his mother. The film then shifts to Asha, who starts experiencing similar attacks from the Grimcutty. This creature appears whenever her parents, Leah and Amir, become overly anxious about her online activities.

Parental Anxiety and Digital Age

The central theme of Grimcutty is the manifestation of parental anxiety in the digital age. The Grimcutty itself is a physical embodiment of the fears that parents have about their children’s internet usage. This theme is reminiscent of real-world phenomena like the Momo Challenge hoax, which caused widespread panic among parents in 2019. The film uses this supernatural element to highlight the real dangers of unchecked parental fears.

Miscommunication and Family Dynamics

Grimcutty also explores how miscommunication and lack of trust within families can exacerbate fears and lead to dangerous consequences. Asha’s parents, in their attempt to protect her, inadvertently fuel the Grimcutty’s power by becoming more controlling and paranoid. This dynamic serves as a critical commentary on how overprotectiveness and lack of open communication can harm familial relationships. The film suggests that trust and open dialogue are essential for healthy family dynamics.

Confrontation with Melinda Jaynes

Towards the end of the film, Asha and her friend trace the Grimcutty hysteria to Melinda Jaynes, a mommy blogger who initially spread the panic through her posts. Melinda’s blog, which included a post about the Grimcutty, inadvertently caused mass hysteria among parents, making the creature more powerful. Asha confronts Melinda and discovers that Melinda’s own fear and overprotectiveness towards her son Brandon had brought the Grimcutty into their lives.

Asha’s Realization and Parental Acknowledgment

Asha realizes that the Grimcutty is a manifestation of parental fear. She tries to convince her mother, Leah, who eventually witnesses the Grimcutty herself and understands that Asha was telling the truth all along. However, Amir, Asha’s father, remains skeptical and continues to worry, which keeps the Grimcutty’s presence alive. This part of the film underscores the importance of parental acknowledgment and understanding in combating irrational fears.

Defeating the Grimcutty

The climax of the film occurs when Asha’s mother finally believes in the supernatural nature of the Grimcutty and understands that their fear is what fuels the creature. By calming themselves and reducing their anxiety, the parents can weaken and eventually dispel the Grimcutty. This resolution underscores the film’s message about the importance of trust and communication within families. The film suggests that overcoming fear requires a collective effort and mutual understanding.

Open-Ended Conclusion

The film concludes with Asha making ASMR videos, indicating that she has been allowed back on the internet. However, the ending also suggests that the Grimcutty could return if another wave of parental hysteria arises. This open-ended conclusion serves as a cautionary tale about the cyclical nature of fear and misinformation in the digital age. It leaves viewers with a sense of unease, reminding them of the persistent nature of digital anxieties.

Critical Reception

Grimcutty received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Some praised its attempt to address contemporary issues related to technology and parental control, while others criticized its execution and lack of subtlety. For instance, Kyle McWilliams of Mashable noted that the film’s spoon-feeding approach diminished its potential impact. Similarly, Josh at the Movies described the film as poorly made, despite its engaging concept. These reviews highlight the film’s polarizing nature and its struggle to balance message and execution.


Grimcutty is a horror film that uses the supernatural to explore real-world anxieties about technology and parenting. Its ending, which reveals that the Grimcutty is a manifestation of parental fear, serves as a poignant commentary on the dangers of overprotectiveness and miscommunication within families. While the film’s execution may have been flawed, its underlying message about the importance of trust and open dialogue remains relevant in today’s digital age.


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