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Halloween Ends: Understanding the Ending

Halloween Ends wraps up Laurie Strode and Michael Myers’ story with a dramatic and final conclusion.

The last movie in David Gordon Green’s trilogy, Halloween Ends, brings a close to the long battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. This film has sparked mixed reactions but undeniably offers a memorable end to the horror saga.

Plot Overview

Halloween Ends starts on Halloween night in 2019, a year after Halloween Kills. A new character, Corey Cunningham, becomes central to the story. Corey is babysitting a boy named Jeremy, who locks him in the attic as a prank. In a panic, Corey accidentally causes Jeremy’s death, leading the town to label him a murderer (Decider).

Four years later, the town of Haddonfield is still haunted by Michael Myers’ last rampage. Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, tries to move on, writing a memoir and living with her granddaughter Allyson. However, the town’s trauma and the lingering presence of evil continue to affect them. Corey, now shunned and tormented by the townsfolk, begins to spiral into darkness and eventually crosses paths with Michael Myers (Time).

The Final Battle

The climax of Halloween Ends features intense confrontations. Corey, influenced by Michael Myers, wears the iconic mask and starts a killing spree. Laurie, sensing the threat, stages a fake suicide to lure Corey to her home. In a tense encounter, Laurie shoots Corey, who then stabs himself to frame her for his death. Michael Myers arrives, kills Corey, and reclaims his mask (ScreenRant).

The final showdown between Laurie and Michael is brutal and symbolic. Laurie pins Michael’s hands with knives and throws a refrigerator on his legs. With Allyson’s help, Laurie slits Michael’s throat and wrists, ensuring he bleeds out. The townspeople then dispose of Michael’s body in a scrap metal shredder, symbolizing the end of his terror (Digital Trends).

Themes and Characters

Laurie Strode’s character arc in Halloween Ends explores trauma, resilience, and redemption. Throughout the trilogy, Laurie is a survivor, haunted by her past with Michael Myers. In this final film, she confronts her fears and defeats her trauma. By the end, Laurie moves forward, finishing her memoir and hinting at a possible romance with Frank Hawkins (ScreenRant).

The Nature of Evil

A key theme in Halloween Ends is that evil never truly dies but changes shape. Laurie’s memoir ends with the line: “Evil doesn’t die, it changes shape”. The film suggests that while Michael Myers may be gone, the evil he represents can appear in others, like Corey Cunningham. This theme highlights the cyclical nature of violence and trauma (Digital Trends).

Corey’s Role

Corey Cunningham’s character explores the impact of societal ostracism and the corrupting influence of evil. Initially a sympathetic figure, Corey’s descent into darkness shows how the town’s trauma and scapegoating can create new monsters. His transformation into a Michael Myers-like figure underscores the film’s message about the persistence of evil and the dangers of unchecked fear and hatred (The Week).

Future of the Franchise

While Halloween Ends is marketed as the conclusion of the trilogy, it hints at future possibilities. Laurie’s statement that “evil doesn’t die, it changes shape” suggests the franchise could continue. Producer Jason Blum has said there are no current plans for more Halloween films, but the series’ popularity means Michael Myers or a new Boogeyman could return (The Week).

Jamie Lee Curtis has stated this will be her final appearance as Laurie Strode, marking the end of an era. However, given the franchise’s history of revivals, new stories could emerge, exploring different aspects of the Halloween mythos or introducing new characters (Time).


Halloween Ends presents a fitting end to Laurie Strode and Michael Myers’ saga. The film explores trauma, the nature of evil, and societal fear, offering a rich narrative. While it may not be the final chapter, it serves as a powerful conclusion to the trilogy, offering closure for fans and setting the stage for potential future stories.

The film’s ending, with Michael Myers’ body disposed of and Laurie’s hopeful new beginning, encapsulates themes of overcoming trauma and battling evil. As the Halloween franchise evolves, Halloween Ends stands as a testament to the horror genre’s enduring appeal and its not uncomplicated at all characters.


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