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Fistful of Vengeance Ending Explained

“Fistful of Vengeance” ends with the heroes defeating the villains and saving the world. The movie wraps up with a hint at future adventures.

Released on February 17, 2022, “Fistful of Vengeance” continues the story from the 2019 series “Wu Assassins”. The film blends supernatural elements, martial arts, and a quest for revenge. Let’s dive into the details of the movie’s ending and what it means for the characters.

Plot Overview

The story kicks off with a tragedy. Tommy’s sister, Jenny, has been murdered. The only clue is an ancient stone, leading the heroes to Bangkok, Thailand. Here, Kai Jin, Lu Xin, and Tommy Wah set out to find Jenny’s killer. Their mission soon turns into a battle against supernatural forces, including Chi vampires and two main villains with a dark plan.

Key Characters and Their Arcs

Kai Jin

Kai Jin, the Wu Assassin, continues to grow and learn about his powers. His journey is full of intense battles and a deeper understanding of his role. Kai’s character shows a robust sense of duty to protect the world from ancient threats.

Lu Xin

Lu Xin, once a Triad member, stays loyal to Kai. His character faces a tough test when mind control forces him to fight his friend. But in the end, their friendship wins, showing the strength of their bond.

Tommy Wah

Tommy’s quest for revenge drives the plot. Losing his sister Jenny fuels his determination to find her killer. His journey is closely tied to the main conflict, and he plays a key role in the final battle.


Preeya, a new ally, starts off with the villains but later helps the heroes. Her shifting loyalties add depth to the story.

William Pan and Ku An Qi

William Pan, a biotech billionaire, and his twin sister Ku An Qi are the main villains. They represent the two halves of Pan Gu, the first man who shaped the universe. William stands for order, while Ku stands for chaos. Their plan to reunite Pan Gu and remake the world is the core conflict of the film.

The Final Battle

The climax happens in an underground cave. William Pan, with both halves of the talisman, tries to awaken Pan Gu. The heroes, including Kai, Tommy, Preeya, and an Interpol agent, face off against William and his forces.

Key Events

  1. Kai vs. Zan Hui: Kai fights Zan Hui, a former Triad assassin now with the villains. The battle is fierce, and Kai wins by breaking her neck.

  2. Tommy and Preeya vs. Ku An Qi: Tommy and Preeya fight Ku An Qi. Despite her powers, they manage to defeat her.

  3. Mind Control and Friendship: William uses mind control to make Lu Xin fight Kai. But their friendship is robuster, and Lu Xin regains control after being knocked out.

  4. Defeating Pan Gu: In the end, Kai battles Pan Gu. With his skills and his friends’ support, Kai defeats Pan Gu and stops the world from being remade.

Resolution and Future Setup

After the intense battle, the film ends with the heroes relaxing on a beach. This peaceful scene contrasts with the earlier action. But the story hints at more adventures, with Kai mentioning a new mission to hunt down a necromancer.

Potential Sequel

The ending leaves room for a sequel. The mention of a necromancer and unresolved elements suggest more stories to come. While there’s no official word on a sequel, the setup hints at future installments.


“Fistful of Vengeance” wraps up the story from “Wu Assassins” while setting the stage for more adventures. The heroes win against powerful supernatural foes. The characters grow, the action is intense, and the ancient mythology adds depth. The film balances standalone storytelling with continuity from the series, making it enjoyable for both new viewers and long-time fans. As the characters embark on new journeys, the legacy of the Wu Assassin promises more thrilling adventures ahead.


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