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The In Between Ending Explained

The ending of The In Between shows Tessa choosing to live her life fully, inspired by her love for Skylar. She finds peace and moves forward with her dreams.

The In Between, directed by Arie Posin, is a romantic drama that explores young love, grief, and the supernatural. The film stars Joey King as Tessa and Kyle Allen as Skylar. Their relationship is tragically cut short by a car accident, and the story follows Tessa’s emotional journey.

Love and Loss

The film begins with a tragic car accident. Tessa and Skylar are left injured and unconscious on the road. Tessa undergoes critical surgery and learns that Skylar did not survive. The story alternates between two timelines: the past, showing their relationship, and the present, where Tessa struggles with Skylar’s death.

At its core, The In Between is a love story. Tessa and Skylar’s relationship is intense and passionate. Skylar’s sudden death makes the story heart-wrenching. The film captures the essence of first love and the profound grief that follows its abrupt end.

Tessa’s journey is one of healing and acceptance. Initially, she is consumed by grief and the desire to reconnect with Skylar. As the story progresses, she learns to accept his death and finds a way to move forward. This theme is poignantly illustrated in the film’s conclusion, where Tessa embraces her future while cherishing the memories of her past.

Supernatural Communication

The film introduces a supernatural element. Tessa begins to experience strange phenomena suggesting Skylar is trying to communicate with her from the afterlife. This aspect adds intrigue and emotional elaborateity. Tessa grapples with the possibility of connecting with her lost love in a metaphysical realm.

Tessa’s character arc is central to the film’s narrative. At the beginning, she is a passionate photography student with a complicated past. Her relationship with Skylar brings her joy and a sense of purpose, but his death leaves her shattered. Tessa’s journey is marked by her struggle to reconcile her love for Skylar with the need to move on. By the end, she has grown significantly, finding strength in her passion for photography and a renewed sense of hope for the future (Cosmopolitan).

The Ending Explained

Tessa’s Choice

The climax of The In Between sees Tessa having an out-of-body experience. She meets Skylar’s ghost and relives the moment of the crash. Tessa finally tells Skylar that she loves him. This moment of closure is crucial for Tessa. It allows her to express her feelings and find peace with Skylar’s death. The couple then embarks on a journey through their memories, creating new ones in a dreamlike sequence that includes a trip to Paris (Yahoo Entertainment).

Returning to Life

Despite the allure of staying with Skylar in the metaphysical realm, Tessa chooses to return to the real world. Skylar encourages her to live her life and pursue her dreams, leading to a poignant farewell. Tessa wakes up in her hospital bed, symbolizing her decision to embrace life and move forward. This choice underscores the film’s message of healing and the importance of living fully, even in the face of profound loss (DMTalkies).

Pursuing Her Passion

In the final scenes, Tessa gives a photography presentation at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). This moment signifies her commitment to her passion and her determination to honor Skylar’s memory by living the life they both envisioned. Skylar’s ghost is seen watching over her, suggesting that his presence will always be a part of her life, even as she moves forward (The Review Geek).


The In Between is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the journey towards healing. The film’s ending, while bittersweet, offers a sense of closure and hope. Tessa’s decision to live her life fully, inspired by Skylar’s love and encouragement, is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. The film’s blend of romance and supernatural elements creates a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers, leaving them with a sense of warmth and reflection.

In conclusion, The In Between is a touching portrayal of young love and the enduring impact of loss. Its ending, marked by Tessa’s choice to embrace life and pursue her dreams, provides a fitting resolution to a story that is both heart-wrenching and uplifting. The film’s exploration of grief and healing offers valuable insights into the human experience, making it a memorable and emotionally resonant piece of cinema.


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