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Uncharted Film Ending Explained

The ending of Uncharted is full of action and sets up future movies. Nate and Sully’s partnership solidifies, and hints of new adventures emerge.

Uncharted, based on the popular video game, finally hit theaters. Starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, the film has mixed reviews but an exciting ending. Let’s dive into the final scenes and what they mean for future films.

The Final Act

The climax happens in the Philippines. Nate and Sully sneak onto Moncada’s plane, hidden in a car. As they near the treasure, chaos ensues. Chloe, initially with Moncada, tries to escape. A mid-air fight breaks out.

At the treasure site, Nate and Sully reunite. They face Braddock and her mercenaries. Braddock’s team hooks the ancient ships to helicopters, trying to airlift them. Nate and Sully hide on one ship, leading to a fierce battle.

The fight reaches a peak with Nate and Sully hijacking a helicopter. Both ships and the treasure fall into the sea. Nate saves a few gold bars. They fly off into the sunset, ready for more adventures.

Post-Credit Scenes

Uncharted has two post-credit scenes hinting at future stories.

First Post-Credit Scene

In a dark prison, a man writes a postcard signed “S”. This hints that Nate’s brother, Sam, is alive. The postcard warns Nate, suggesting future dangers.

Second Post-Credit Scene

Nate meets Gage, discussing a Nazi map and a ring. Gage double-crosses Nate, but Sully saves him. They get stopped by an unseen figure, leaving viewers in suspense.

Future Sequels

The ending sets up potential sequels. Sam’s survival opens new storylines. Gage’s introduction hints at the hunt for El Dorado.

Potential Challenges

Tom Holland has concerns about returning if the focus is on his looks rather than character development. He prefers a script that highlights personality.

Box Office Performance

Uncharted made over $400 million in the U.S. This success suggests a sequel is likely. Sony and the producers will decide based on continued interest and performance.


Uncharted’s ending is action-packed and true to the video game. With high-flying stunts and intense battles, it sets the stage for future films. Sam’s survival and new characters like Gage provide material for sequels. The success of future films depends on box office performance and the cast’s willingness to return. Fans can look forward to more adventures with Nate and Sully.


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