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The Bubble (2022 Film) Ending Explained

The Bubble ends with the cast escaping their pandemic bubble and later reuniting for a documentary premiere, highlighting the absurdities of Hollywood.

The Bubble, directed by Judd Apatow, is a comedy film set during the COVID-19 pandemic. It follows the cast and crew of a fictional movie as they try to shoot a new installment while stuck in a luxurious hotel. The film pokes fun at the challenges of making movies during a pandemic.

Plot Summary

The story starts with Carol Cobb, played by Karen Gillan, who reluctantly returns to the Cliff Beasts franchise. Her career had taken a hit after she skipped the fifth movie. The cast and crew gather at a grand hotel in London. They must quarantine for 14 days before filming starts. The movie humorously shows the struggles of making a film under strict pandemic rules. These include frequent testing, isolation, and the constant threat of the virus.

As filming goes on, the cast becomes more frustrated. They want to leave the hotel. But the studio insists on finishing the movie. This leads to many funny and chaotic events. The cast tries several times to escape but fails. Finally, they manage to overpower the security and production staff. They take a helicopter and fly away. This scene is a parody of the ending of Jurassic Park, where characters escape by helicopter.

Two years later, the cast reunites on the red carpet. They are there for the premiere of a behind-the-scenes documentary called Beasts of the Bubble. This documentary gets critical acclaim. But the cast quickly goes back to their self-absorbed ways. This shows the superficial nature of Hollywood celebrities.

Thematic Analysis

The Bubble offers a satirical look at the film industry, especially during the pandemic. The ending highlights several key themes:

  1. Absurdity of Franchise Films: The chaotic production of Cliff Beasts 6 shows how ridiculous long-running movie franchises can get. As more installments are made, the plots become more convoluted. The behind-the-scenes drama often overshadows the actual content of the films. Screen Rant

  2. Impact of the Pandemic: The film draws parallels between the cast’s experiences and the broader impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The isolation, cabin fever, and constant anxiety mirror what people worldwide faced during lockdowns. The Cinemaholic

  3. Superficiality of Hollywood: The ending shows the cast quickly returning to their self-obsessed behaviors. This serves as a critique of Hollywood’s superficial and often hypocritical nature. Despite their shared experiences, the characters do not change or grow. Decider

Post-Credits Scene

The Bubble has a short post-credits scene. In it, the director of Cliff Beasts 6 struggles to conduct an interview while wearing a face shield. This adds a final layer of humor. It comments on the difficulties of directing during the pandemic. Netflix Life

Critical Reception

The Bubble received mixed reviews. Some praised the talented cast and the humorous take on Hollywood’s absurdities. Others criticized it for being self-indulgent and lacking sharp satire. The film’s attempt to balance humor with social commentary felt uneven to some. Certain jokes fell flat, and the overall narrative seemed disjointed. Flickering Myth


The Bubble is a meta-comedy that satirizes the film industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ending, where the cast escapes their confinement and later reunites for a documentary premiere, serves as a humorous and critical commentary on Hollywood’s absurdities. While the film received mixed reviews, it offers a unique and entertaining look at the challenges of making movies in unprecedented times.


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