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Vendetta 2022 Film Ending Explained

“Vendetta” (2022) ends with William Duncan, gravely injured, either dying from his wounds or facing legal consequences for his actions. The film leaves this amgiganticuous, inviting viewers to ponder the moral implications of his quest for revenge.

“Vendetta” is an action-thriller that follows William Duncan, a former Marine, on a relentless quest for revenge after his daughter’s brutal murder. The film, directed by Jared Cohn, features a star-studded cast including Clive Standen, Theo Rossi, Mike Tyson, Thomas Jane, and Bruce Willis.

Plot Summary

The story begins with William Duncan enjoying a peaceful meal with his wife Jen and daughter Kat. Kat, a high school student passionate about softball, is the joy of her parents’ lives. This tranquility shatters when Kat is murdered by a gang during an initiation rite. This tragic event sets William on a path of vengeance, determined to bring justice to those responsible for his daughter’s death.

William’s journey starts with his miraculous survival from a shooting incident. After recovering in the hospital, he begins planning his revenge. His first step involves acquiring weapons from a car stealer named Dante. Armed and resolute, William tracks down the gang members one by one, starting with Zachary, who provides him with information about Rory, the gang leader’s son.

William’s quest leads him to a nightclub where Rory and his father, Donnie Fetter, run their operations. In a calculated move, William waits for Rory and his gang to leave the club before confronting Donnie in his office. He kills Donnie and uses his phone to call Rory, informing him of his father’s death. This act of vengeance sets the stage for the final confrontation between William and Rory.

The Climactic Ending

The film’s climax unfolds with a tense showdown between William and Rory. William hides while Rory calls out his name, taunting him. In a desperate move, William attempts to tackle Rory but is shot in the stomach. Believing he has won, Rory lets his guard down, only for William to grab a nearby screwdriver and stab Rory in the throat, killing him instantly. The police arrive at the scene, and the detective in charge questions William about the worth of his revenge. William, gravely injured, tells the detective to arrest him quickly before he succumbs to his wounds.

The film concludes with an open-ended scene, leaving the audience to ponder William’s fate. The detective’s words and William’s condition suggest two possible outcomes: either William dies from his injuries, or he survives to face the legal consequences of his actions. This amgiganticuous ending invites viewers to reflect on the moral and ethical implications of William’s quest for vengeance.

Critical Reception

“Vendetta” received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Rene Rodriguez of Variety criticized the film for its lack of originality and excitement, describing it as a “tame and derivative revenge thriller” with a high body count and mounting implausibilities. Brian Costello of Common Sense Media echoed this sentiment, noting that the most compelling performance came from Mike Tyson, which highlighted the film’s overall shortcomings.

The film’s predictable plot and formulaic execution were also points of contention. While the effort to add unique elements was noted, it was not enough to elevate the film beyond its genre conventions. The performances of the cast, particularly Bruce Willis, were scrutinized, with critics pointing out the visible strain of his aphasia diagnosis on his acting.

Box Office Performance

“Vendetta” had a limited theatrical release and was also available on-demand. As of February 17, 2023, the film grossed $175,173 in the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and South Korea. This modest box office performance reflects the film’s niche appeal and the challenges it faced in standing out in a crowded market of action-thrillers.


“Vendetta” (2022) adheres closely to the conventions of the revenge thriller genre. While it offers moments of tension and action, it ultimately falls short of delivering a memorable or innovative experience. The film’s ending, with its open-ended nature, provides a thought-provoking conclusion that challenges viewers to consider the consequences of vengeance. Despite its shortcomings, “Vendetta” serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of revenge narratives in cinema.


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