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There’s Something Wrong with the Children ending explained

There’s Something Wrong with the Children is a scary movie from 2023. It’s directed by Roxanne Benjamin and the story is by T. J. Cimfel and David White. The movie has some actors you might know: Alisha Wainwright, Zach Gilford, Amanda Crew, and Carlos Santos. It’s made by a famous movie company called Blumhouse, which is known for making spooky movies. The movie came out online in the United States on January 17, 2023. It’s all about some creepy stuff happening with kids, which is typical for a horror movie, its genre.

Ending Explaination

The ending of There’s Something Wrong with the Children suggests that the mysterious green light in the cave has the power to change or possess people. Lucy and Spencer, after encountering the light, behave maliciously and are not harmed by physical injuries, indicating they are no longer just children but something else. When Ben is affected by the light, he too changes, showing a desire to make others “one of them,” which suggests the light’s influence aims to spread or grow its control over others.

Margaret’s actions at the end, where she decides to drive her car straight at the group, highlights her desperation and determination to stop the spread of this influence at any cost. This ending leaves us questioning the nature of the green light, the fate of the characters, and the lengths one might go to protect themselves from unknown supernatural threats. It plays on fears of losing loved ones to influences beyond our understanding and the horror of facing such a transformation alone.

Similar Movies

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  • Sinister – A writer finds a box of home movies that put his family in danger.
  • The Hole in the Ground – A mother suspects her son’s disturbing behavior is linked to a mysterious sinkhole.


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