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Missing (2023 film) ending explained

“Missing” is a movie from 2023. It’s a mystery and thriller film, which means it’s full of puzzles and exciting moments. The story is about a teenager named June Allen who tries to find her mom after she disappears during a vacation in Colombia.

Yes, there are famous actors in it! Some of them are Storm Reid, who plays June, and other well-known actors like Joaquim de Almeida, Ken Leung, Amy Landecker, Daniel Henney, and Nia Long. They all help bring the story to life on the screen.

The movie is part of a bigger story universe that started with a film called “Searching” from 2018. Even though “Missing” is its own story, it connects with “Searching” and another movie named “Run” from 2020.

Ending Explaination

The ending of “Missing” (2023 film) reveals a complex plot involving June’s father, James, who she thought was dead. James, seeking revenge for being separated from June by her mother, Grace, and falsely accused, orchestrates a scheme with Kevin, a man he met in prison. They plan to kidnap June and Grace, making it seem like Kevin, acting as Grace’s boyfriend, is the perpetrator.

However, June discovers the truth about her father and Kevin’s plot when she visits her old vacation home in Nevada, where her mother is being held. In a dramatic confrontation, James reveals his plan and his resentment towards Grace. He attempts to escape with June, but Grace, in a bid to protect her daughter, fatally injures James.

The film concludes with Grace surviving her injuries and June starting college, a year after the events. Their ordeal is featured on a true crime show, highlighting their traumatic experience. Despite the chaos and danger they faced, June and Grace’s relationship remains strong, evidenced by their loving exchange of messages. June also introduces Grace to Javier, the gig worker who helped her during her investigation, signifying new beginnings and the importance of the connections formed during their ordeal.

Similar Movies

If you enjoyed “Missing” (2023), here are similar movies that you might like:

  • Searching (2018) – A father uses tech to find his missing daughter. Direct connection to “Missing”.
  • Run (2020) – A thriller about a daughter discovering her mother’s dark secrets.
  • Gone Girl (2014) – A mystery thriller revolving around a woman’s disappearance and media frenzy.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) – A journalist and hacker team up to solve a long-cold case.
  • Kidnap (2017) – A mother’s relentless pursuit to rescue her kidnapped son.
  • Prisoners (2013) – A gripping tale of two girls’ disappearance and a desperate father’s search.


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