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The Sea Beast Ending Explained

The Sea Beast ends with a powerful message about understanding and compassion. Maisie’s speech and Jacob’s transformation lead to a peaceful coexistence with the sea beasts.

The Sea Beast, a 2022 animated film, has captivated audiences with its stunning visuals and deep themes. Directed by Chris Williams, it follows Maisie Bramble and Jacob Holland on an adventure that changes their worldviews.

The Adventure Begins

In a world plagued by sea monsters, hunters protect coastal towns. Maisie Bramble, an orphan, dreams of joining these hunters. She sneaks onto Jacob Holland’s ship, and they embark on a journey into unknown waters. Their adventure reveals that sea beasts are not the mindless monsters they thought.

The climax of the film sees Jacob and Maisie confronting the Red Bluster, a giant sea beast. They discover that these creatures are misunderstood, setting the stage for the film’s poignant ending.

Maisie’s Powerful Speech

The film’s ending features a moving speech by Maisie to the king and queen. She exposes the monarchy’s use of fear to control the people. Maisie reveals that the sea beasts are not evil, but victims of a cycle of violence. Her words inspire the kingdom to change its policies, leading to the end of the monster-hunting society.

Maisie’s bravery and eloquence force the kingdom to rethink its actions. The people begin to see the sea beasts in a new light, paving the way for peaceful coexistence. This shift marks a significant change in the kingdom’s approach to the sea beasts.

Jacob’s Transformation

Jacob Holland starts as a hardened monster hunter. His journey with Maisie and the Red Bluster changes him. He realizes that his quest for vengeance was misguided. Jacob learns that true heroism lies in understanding and compassion, not violence.

Jacob’s transformation is a key part of the film’s message. It shows that even those who seem unchangeable can grow and learn. His character arc underscores the importance of empathy and understanding in overcoming prejudice.

The Red Bluster’s Fate

The Red Bluster, initially seen as a fearsome monster, is revealed to be misunderstood. Maisie’s bond with the creature highlights the theme of not judging by appearances. By the end, the Red Bluster is freed, symbolizing the end of oppressive policies and the start of a new era.

The film’s portrayal of the Red Bluster challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions. It emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the surface to understand the true nature of others.

Themes and Messages

Critique of Propaganda

The Sea Beast critiques government propaganda and war-mongering. The monarchy’s portrayal of sea beasts as monsters serves as a metaphor for how rulers manipulate public perception. Maisie’s speech and the kingdom’s policy changes warn against blindly following authority.

Power of Compassion

The film emphasizes compassion and understanding. Maisie’s bond with the Red Bluster and Jacob’s transformation highlight empathy’s role in breaking down barriers. The message is clear: true heroism lies in compassion, not violence.

Environmental Considerations

The Sea Beast also touches on environmental themes. The portrayal of sea creatures as sentient beings reminds viewers of the importance of protecting all life forms. The film’s ending, with the kingdom moving towards peaceful coexistence, underscores the need for sustainable practices.


The Sea Beast is a visually stunning film with deep themes. Its ending, marked by Maisie’s speech and Jacob’s transformation, highlights the importance of compassion and understanding. The film challenges traditional narratives of heroism and villainy, encouraging viewers to embrace a more empathetic worldview.

The critique of propaganda, emphasis on compassion, and environmental themes make The Sea Beast a timely and relevant story. As Netflix expands its animated content, this film stands out for its meaningful messages.


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