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Tall Girl 2 Ending Explained

Jodi and Dunkleman end up together after overcoming personal and relationship challenges.

Tall Girl 2” continues the story of Jodi Kreyman, a tall high school student, as she navigates new challenges. The film explores her journey of self-acceptance and the ups and downs of her relationship with Jack Dunkleman.

Jodi’s New Challenges

The movie picks up three months after the first film. Jodi Kreyman, now more confident, is dating her best friend, Jack Dunkleman. She also lands the lead role in the school musical, “Bye Bye Birdie” (Digital Spy).

However, Jodi’s new role brings back old insecurities. Her inner voice, filled with self-doubt, becomes a significant obstacle. Her bully, Kimmy, who lost the lead role to Jodi, amplifies these insecurities. Despite support from her co-lead, Tommy, Jodi’s first week of rehearsals is disastrous (Screen Rant).

Jodi’s relationship with Dunkleman also faces challenges. Dunkleman feels neglected as Jodi focuses on the musical. This tension leads to a breakup after Jodi skips their anniversary dinner to rehearse, making Dunkleman feel unappreciated (Ready Steady Cut).

During this period, Jodi grows closer to Tommy, and they share a kiss. This complicates her feelings and adds to the turmoil in her life. Meanwhile, Dunkleman struggles with his own insecurities and the realization that he may have placed Jodi on a pedestal (The Cinemaholic).

The Big Performance

On the night of the musical’s opening, Jodi is overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Her family is in the audience, but Dunkleman is notably absent. Surprisingly, Kimmy helps Jodi overcome her nerves by reassuring her that it’s okay to be anxious. This support allows Jodi to quiet the negative voice in her head and deliver a stellar performance (Ready Steady Cut).

Jodi and Dunkleman Reunite

After the performance, Dunkleman presents Jodi with a framed letter, a token of their shared memories. This gesture prompts Jodi to reconsider their relationship. She changes the note, checking the box that says “yes”, signaling her desire to stay with Dunkleman. This moment signifies a positive future for the couple, highlighting that they needed to grow apart to grow closer (Netflix Life).

Fareeda’s Journey

In a subplot, Jodi’s best friend Fareeda finds romance in an unexpected place and pursues her dream of becoming a fashion designer, despite her parents’ initial disapproval. This subplot underscores the film’s themes of self-acceptance and pursuing one’s passions (Plugged In).

Themes and Analysis

Self-Acceptance and Growth

Tall Girl 2” emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and personal growth. Jodi’s journey is marked by her struggle to overcome internal and external pressures. Her ability to quiet the negative voice in her head and deliver a successful performance is a testament to her growth and resilience (DMTalkies).

The Complexity of Relationships

The film also explores the intricateities of teenage relationships. Jodi and Dunkleman’s relationship is tested by external pressures and internal insecurities. Their eventual reconciliation highlights the importance of communication, understanding, and mutual support in overcoming challenges (Hollywood Life).

Addressing Criticisms

The first “Tall Girl” film faced criticism for portraying a privileged, thin, white girl as a victim of discrimination. “Tall Girl 2” addresses this by acknowledging that while Jodi’s height may not be a “real” problem compared to more severe issues, it still significantly impacts her life. This nuanced approach adds depth to the film’s exploration of teenage insecurities (Plugged In).


Tall Girl 2” offers a heartfelt continuation of Jodi Kreyman’s story, focusing on themes of self-acceptance, personal growth, and the intricateities of relationships. The film’s ending, which sees Jodi and Dunkleman reconcile, provides a satisfying conclusion that underscores the importance of communication and mutual support. Despite some criticisms regarding its narrative depth and character development, “Tall Girl 2” succeeds in delivering a positive message to its audience.


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