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Scream 2022 Film Ending Explained

The 2022 Scream film ends with Sam killing Richie and Tara shooting Amber. The killers are revealed to be obsessed fans of the “Stab” franchise.

The latest Scream movie revisits Woodsboro, blending nostalgia with modern horror. It brings back old characters and introduces new ones. The ending ties together various plot threads and reveals the new Ghostface killers.

Plot Summary

The film starts with Tara Carpenter getting attacked but surviving. This attack brings her estranged sister, Sam, back to Woodsboro. Sam is the daughter of Billy Loomis, one of the original Ghostface killers. She struggles with hallucinations of her father, which she controls with medication (Den of Geek).

As more people get killed, Sam seeks help from retired Sheriff Dewey Riley. Dewey warns her to suspect those closest to her. His involvement brings back other legacy characters like Gale Weathers and Sidney Prescott. They get drawn into the investigation after Dewey’s tragic death during a hospital confrontation (The Wrap).

The Final Showdown

The climax happens at a party held in honor of Wes Hicks, a recent victim. The party takes place at the same house where the original film’s final act occurred. Sam, her boyfriend Richie, and her sister Tara find themselves in a deadly game with the new Ghostface killers (Radio Times).

The Ghostface Killers Revealed

In a shocking twist, Richie and Amber Freeman are revealed as the new Ghostface killers. Richie, Sam’s seemingly supportive boyfriend, and Amber, one of Tara’s friends, are obsessed fans of the “Stab” franchise. They want to create a “requel” (a reboot-sequel) to return the franchise to its roots. They believe the recent sequels have strayed too far from the original story (Screen Rant).

Richie and Amber plan to frame Sam as the new Ghostface, using her connection to Billy Loomis to make her the perfect suspect. However, their plan falls apart as Sam, Tara, and the legacy characters fight back. In a brutal confrontation, Sam kills Richie, embracing her darker instincts inherited from her father. Tara shoots Amber, who makes a final, desperate attack before being killed (The Review Geek).

Themes and Commentary

Scream 2022 continues the franchise’s tradition of meta-commentary on the horror genre. This installment targets toxic fandom, showing how some fans’ obsession with returning a franchise to its perceived glory can lead to destructive behavior. Richie and Amber embody this toxic fandom, willing to commit murder to reshape the “Stab” series according to their vision (Den of Geek).

The film also explores themes of legacy and trauma. Sam’s struggle with her heritage as Billy Loomis’s daughter and her fear of inheriting his violent tendencies add depth to her character. The return of Sidney, Gale, and Dewey underscores the lasting impact of the original murders on their lives, even as they try to move on (Roger Ebert).

Conclusion and Future of the Franchise

The film ends on a hopeful note, with Sam thanking Sidney and Gale for their help. The surviving characters are taken to the hospital. Gale decides to write a book about Dewey, focusing on his heroism rather than the killings, to prevent further copycat killers (DMTalkies).

While the film wraps up its main plot threads, it leaves the door open for future installments. Sam grappling with her dark heritage could provide fertile ground for new stories. The franchise acknowledges the difficulty of moving forward without many of its legacy characters (The Wrap).

In conclusion, Scream 2022 successfully revitalizes the franchise by blending nostalgia with contemporary themes and a fresh cast. Its ending provides a satisfying resolution to the film’s mystery and sets the stage for potential future entries in the series.


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