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Samaritan Film Ending Explained

The ending of Samaritan reveals that Joe Smith is actually Nemesis, not Samaritan. This twist changes the entire story, showing that exceptional and evil can exist in everyone.

“Samaritan” is a superhero drama starring Sylvester Stallone. The film takes place in Granite City, where a young boy named Sam believes a long-lost hero is still alive. The ending is sophisticated, blurring the lines between exceptional and evil.

Plot Overview

The story begins with twin brothers, Samaritan and Nemesis. Both have superhuman strength. Their powers cause chaos, leading the city to burn down their home, killing their parents. This tragedy sets the stage for a final battle between the brothers. Nemesis, driven by revenge, creates a powerful hammer to defeat Samaritan. During their showdown, both brothers are believed to have died, with Samaritan sacrificing himself to save the city (The Cinemaholic).

Years later, young Sam Cleary believes Joe Smith is the retired hero, Samaritan. But during a rescue mission, Joe reveals he is actually Nemesis. This twist happens when Cyrus kidnaps Sam to lure Joe out. The warehouse becomes engulfed in flames, leading to a chaotic battle (CinemaBlend).

The Big Reveal

The climax of the film features a major twist. Sam believes Joe is Samaritan, but Joe reveals he is Nemesis. This happens during a rescue mission at Cyrus’ warehouse. Cyrus kidnaps Sam to lure Joe out. The warehouse is set on fire due to explosives in Joe’s garbage truck. This leads to a chaotic battle.

In the chaos, Cyrus tries to escape with Sam. Joe, now revealed as Nemesis, fights Cyrus, who wields Nemesis’ hammer. The battle mirrors the brothers’ fight from 20 years ago. Joe defeats Cyrus and saves Sam. This forces Joe to confront his past and his choices (ScreenRant).

Themes and Symbolism

The film explores the nature of exceptional and evil. Joe’s character embodies this duality. He struggles with his identity as Nemesis while performing heroic acts. His interactions with Sam help him realize he can still make amends. This theme is symbolized by Joe fixing Sam’s watch, representing his attempt to repair his own life and legacy (The Cinemaholic).

Psychological and Moral Implications

The ending raises several psychological and moral questions. Joe’s revelation as Nemesis challenges the traditional superhero narrative. Instead, “Samaritan” presents a more nuanced view. People are capable of both exceptional and inferior actions. Joe tells Sam, “If there was only inferior people doing inferior things, it’d be easy to get rid of ‘em. But the real truth is, exceptional and inferior live in everybody’s heart. And it’s gonna be up to you to make the right choice” (Looper).

Joe’s Redemption

Joe’s journey is one of redemption. He carries the guilt and scars of his past actions. His decision to save Sam and confront Cyrus represents his attempt to make amends. By the end of the film, Joe’s actions give the citizens of Granite City hope. Sam’s declaration to the media that “Samaritan is alive” serves as a metaphor for the enduring spirit of heroism within the community (DMTalkies).


“Samaritan” offers a fresh take on the superhero genre. The film’s ending, with its unexpected twist, challenges viewers to reconsider their notions of exceptional and evil. Joe’s character arc, from a reclusive former villain to a reluctant hero, underscores the film’s message. Redemption is possible, and heroism can be found in the most unlikely places. The film leaves audiences with a sense of hope and the understanding that everyone has the potential to make the right choices, regardless of their past.


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