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Ending Explained: Embracing Growth in No Hard Feelings (2023 Film)

“No Hard Feelings” is a hilarious movie from 2023 about a woman named Maddie, played by the famous Jennifer Lawrence, who gets a very unusual job. A rich couple hires her to help their son, who’s a bit awkward and hasn’t dated much, learn about romance and dating. This leads to a bunch of funny and awkward situations! Alongside Jennifer Lawrence, there are other well-known actors like Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti. The movie is a comedy, so you can expect lots of laughs. It did great, earning more money than it cost to make, and Jennifer Lawrence even got nominated for a big award because of her role in it!

Ending Explanation

The ending of “No Hard Feelings” is all about personal growth and making tough decisions for the future. Maddie and Percy go through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, starting from a very unusual and somewhat questionable arrangement. Despite the rocky start and various mishaps, they end up forming a genuine bond. However, the revelation of Maddie’s initial motive for dating Percy – the deal with his parents – puts a strain on their relationship.

In the final scenes, after a series of events that test their feelings and intentions, Maddie decides to make a significant change in her life. She realizes that staying in Montauk and holding onto her mother’s house is more about clinging to the past than living her life fully. Selling the house to her friends and deciding to move to California to pursue her passion for surfing symbolizes her choice to embrace change and growth.

Percy, on the other hand, faces his own set of challenges but ultimately decides to go to Princeton, indicating his readiness to step out of his comfort zone and grow as well. Their promise to stay friends and Maddie’s decision to drive Percy to Princeton while also taking Milo, the dog, with her, shows that they have moved past the initial transactional nature of their relationship to a genuine friendship. This ending implies that both characters are on their paths to discovering who they are and what they want out of life, signifying hope and new beginnings.

Similar Movies

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