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No Exit 2022 Film Ending Explained

The ending of No Exit reveals that Ash and Lars are the kidnappers. Darby manages to save Jay and the police arrive just in time.

No Exit, a 2022 thriller directed by Damien Power, keeps viewers on edge with its intense plot and character twists. The film, based on Taylor Adams’ novel, follows Darby, a recovering addict, who finds a kidnapped child during a blizzard. The ending ties together suspenseful moments and character revelations.

Plot Overview

Darby, the main character, escapes from rehab to visit her sick mother. A snowstorm forces her to stop at a highway rest area. Inside, she meets four strangers: Ed, a former Marine; his wife Sandi; Ash; and Lars. The tension rises when Darby finds a kidnapped child, Jay, tied up in a van outside.

Darby’s journey from a rehab escapee to a determined savior is central to the story. Her discovery of Jay sets off a series of events that test her limits. Darby’s actions are driven by a sense of responsibility and a desire to redeem herself.

Ed and Sandi initially seem like a harmless couple. However, their true nature is revealed as the plot progresses. Ed’s military background becomes crucial in the film’s climax. Sandi, though less prominent, adds to the overall tension.

Ash and Lars are the main antagonists. Their involvement in the kidnapping is revealed through twists and turns. Ash is manipulative and dangerous, while Lars is his accomplice. Their motivations are rooted in greed, making them formidable adversaries for Darby.

Climax and Resolution

The climax is a high-stakes confrontation between Darby and the kidnappers. The tension peaks as Darby tries to rescue Jay while navigating the blizzard. The final act is marked by revelations and violent encounters.

Kidnappers Revealed

Ash and Lars are revealed as the kidnappers. Their plan is to traffic Jay, and they use violence to achieve their goals. This revelation adds urgency to Darby’s mission, as she realizes the true danger Jay is in.

Darby’s Final Stand

In a desperate bid to save Jay, Darby confronts Ash and Lars. The climax is chaotic and intense, showcasing Darby’s resourcefulness. Despite being outnumbered, Darby outwits the kidnappers and secures Jay’s safety. The police arrive just in time, responding to a message Darby sent using a dead cop’s communicator.

The Aftermath

The film ends with Darby back in rehab, still grappling with her addiction and the trauma of recent events. A drawing from Jay, depicting two girls holding hands, suggests Jay is safe and has formed a bond with Darby. Darby’s sister Devon visits her in rehab, hinting at a possible family reconciliation.

Critical Reception

No Exit received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a 62% approval rating. Critics praised the performances, especially Havana Rose Liu’s, and the film’s suspense. However, some found the characterization lacking and the plot contrived.

Brian Tallerico of rated the film 2.5 out of 4 stars. He noted that while the performances were convincing, the film felt forgettable due to its lack of powerful dialogues and stressful setting.


No Exit is a gripping thriller that builds tension through its confined setting and complicated characters. The ending, marked by intense confrontations and revelations, provides a satisfying resolution. Despite some flaws, the film delivers a suspenseful experience. Strong performances, especially by Havana Rose Liu, and the film’s ability to subvert expectations make it a worthwhile watch for thriller fans.


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