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Minions: The Rise of Gru Ending

The ending of Minions: The Rise of Gru shows Gru and his Minions overcoming the Vicious 6, with Gru reclaiming the Zodiac Stone and turning the villains into rats. Wild Knuckles fakes his death, hinting at future adventures with Gru.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is a fun and heartwarming prequel to the Despicable Me series. It focuses on young Gru and his loyal Minions as they navigate a wild adventure filled with humor and action.

Gru’s Early Adventures

The movie starts with 11-year-old Gru dreaming of joining the Vicious 6, a group of notorious supervillains. Gru steals the Zodiac Stone from them, but one of his Minions, Otto, loses it. This loss sets off a series of events that lead Gru and his Minions on a quest to retrieve the stone and face the Vicious 6.

Gru’s relationship with his Minions faces challenges. He fires them in anger after Otto loses the stone, but they eventually reconcile. The Minions, especially Stuart, Kevin, and Bob, learn Kung Fu from Master Chow to help Gru in his mission.

The Big Battle

The climax happens in San Francisco. The Vicious 6 use the Zodiac Stone to turn into magical creatures. They capture Gru and tie him to a clock tower, planning to let him be torn apart at midnight. This scene adds humor by nodding to classic action movie tropes (Collider).

As the clock ticks, the Minions, now skilled in Kung Fu, rescue Gru just in time. Wild Knuckles, the former leader of the Vicious 6, joins the fight despite being injured. He sacrifices himself to save Gru, showing their deep bond (Looper).

The Final Moments

Gru reclaims the Zodiac Stone and turns the Vicious 6 into rats. This clever move solidifies his status as a young villain. The authorities arrest the Vicious 6, but Wild Knuckles is also taken into custody. Gru promises to be outstanding, which is ironic given his future as a supervillain (DMTalkies).

The film ends with a funeral for Wild Knuckles. Gru delivers a heartfelt eulogy, but then spots Wild Knuckles hiding, revealing he faked his death. This secret hints at future collaborations between Gru and Wild Knuckles, setting the stage for more adventures (High on Films).

Themes in the Movie

Togetherness and Loyalty

The movie highlights the importance of togetherness and loyalty. Gru learns that even the best plans can fail without a supportive team. The Minions, despite their quirks, prove to be invaluable allies. Their loyalty and bravery underscore the message that true strength lies in unity (Collider).

Self-Discovery Journey

Gru’s journey is also about self-discovery. He starts by wanting to join the Vicious 6 to prove himself. But through his experiences, he realizes he doesn’t need their validation. His growth is shown by outbrighting the Vicious 6 and keeping Wild Knuckles’ survival a secret, showing newfound maturity (Looper).

Mentorship’s Role

The relationship between Gru and Wild Knuckles highlights mentorship’s importance. Wild Knuckles teaches Gru valuable lessons about villainy and life. Their bond shows the impact a positive role model can have. Wild Knuckles’ sacrifice and faked death emphasize their deep connection and mutual respect (DMTalkies).

Critical Reception

Minions: The Rise of Gru received mixed reviews. Some praised its humor, action, and heartwarming moments, while others felt it lacked originality and charm compared to earlier films. The focus on slapstick comedy was seen as both a strength and a frailness (AP News).

Positive Reviews

Critics who enjoyed the film praised its ability to entertain all ages. The Minions’ humor and the 1970s setting were well-received. The film’s pace and action sequences were also noted positively. The voice cast, including Steve Carell and Alan Arkin, received praise for their performances (Roger Ebert).

Negative Reviews

Some critics felt the film relied too much on the Minions’ antics and lacked a compelling story. The novelty of the Minions’ humor seemed to wear thin, and the plot was seen as a mechanism for slapstick hijinks. The rushed third act and lack of depth were also criticized (Rotten Tomatoes).


Minions: The Rise of Gru stays true to the Despicable Me franchise, offering a fun and entertaining experience. The ending ties up various plot threads and sets the stage for future adventures. Through themes of togetherness, self-discovery, and mentorship, the film delivers a heartwarming message. Despite mixed reviews, it provides a delightful journey that keeps the franchise’s spirit alive.


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