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Goodnight Mommy 2022 Ending Explained

The 2022 remake of Goodnight Mommy, directed by Matt Sobel and starring Naomi Watts, offers a chilling narrative that delves into themes of identity, grief, and trauma. The film’s ending reveals a shocking twist that leaves viewers questioning reality and perception.

Goodnight Mommy follows twin brothers Elias and Lukas, who are sent to live with their mother after her cosmetic surgery. The boys become suspicious of their mother’s identity, leading to a tragic and revealing climax.

Plot Summary

Goodnight Mommy centers on twin brothers Elias and Lukas, played by Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti. They move to their mother’s secluded country home after her recent cosmetic surgery. Upon arrival, they find their mother with her face completely bandaged. Her behavior becomes increasingly erratic and unrecognizable, causing the boys to suspect that she is not their real mother but an imposter.

The tension builds as the boys’ paranoia grows. Their mother’s strict and often cruel behavior fuels their suspicions. Physical changes, like the color of her eyes and the absence of a familiar mole, deepen their doubts. The story escalates, leading to a series of harrowing events that reveal the tragic truth behind their suspicions.

The Climactic Revelation

The climax of Goodnight Mommy is both shocking and tragic. Convinced that their mother is an imposter, the twins tie her up and demand she confess her true identity. In a desperate attempt to prove her innocence, the mother tries to reason with them. However, the situation spirals out of control. In a fit of panic and rage, Elias pushes his mother off the attic, resulting in her death. Her lantern breaks, setting the barn on fire. As Elias watches the barn burn, he is approached by visions of both his mother and Lukas, seemingly alive and intact (Decider).

The Psychological Twist

The film’s final moments reveal a devastating twist: Lukas has been dead all along. The car accident that led to the mother’s facial surgery also resulted in Lukas’ death, a fact that Elias has been unable to accept. Throughout the film, Lukas is portrayed as a figment of Elias’ imagination, a coping mechanism for his unresolved grief and guilt. The dried blood Elias finds in the barn belongs to Lukas, not his mother, and the hole in the timber is from the bullet that killed Lukas (The Cinemaholic).

Elias’ Hallucinations

The hallucinations of his mother and Lukas at the end of the film signify Elias’ complete psychological breakdown. The loving and affectionate behavior of the hallucinated mother contrasts sharply with the real mother’s distant and harsh demeanor, further emphasizing the depth of Elias’ delusion. This new mother is a manifestation of Elias’ longing for forgiveness and reconciliation, a stark contrast to the reality of his actions (Decider).

Themes and Analysis

Grief and Trauma

Goodnight Mommy explores the profound impact of grief and trauma on the human psyche. Elias’ inability to accept Lukas’ death leads to a dissociative state where he creates an alternate reality to cope with his loss. The film portrays the destructive nature of unresolved grief and the lengths to which the mind will go to protect itself from unbearable truths (Looper).

Identity and Perception

The film delves into themes of identity and perception, questioning the reliability of our senses and the nature of reality. The twins’ suspicion that their mother is an imposter reflects their struggle to reconcile the changes in her appearance and behavior with their memories of her. This theme is further underscored by the mother’s own struggle with her identity following the surgery and the loss of her son (High on Films).

The Role of the Mother

The character of the mother is central to the film’s exploration of familial bonds and the psychological impact of trauma. Her strict and often cruel behavior is a manifestation of her own grief and guilt, as she struggles to cope with the loss of Lukas and the strain on her relationship with Elias. The film portrays her as a tragic figure, caught between her love for her surviving son and the overwhelming pain of her loss (The Cinemaholic).

Critical Reception

The 2022 remake of Goodnight Mommy has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some appreciate the film’s attempt to bring a European horror gem to a wider audience, while others criticize it for lacking the raw and unsettling approach of the original. Naomi Watts’ performance as the mother has been widely praised, but the film’s over-explanation and lack of amgiganticuity have been points of contention (High on Films).

Comparison to the Original

The original 2014 Austrian film, directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, was lauded for its chilling narrative and psychological depth. The remake, while maintaining the central plot and themes, takes a slightly different approach, focusing more on closure and emotional resolution rather than the physical and mental strain depicted in the original. This shift in tone has led to a more optimistic and deceptively upbeat ending, which some critics feel undermines the horror elements that made the original so memorable (Looper).


Goodnight Mommy (2022) explores the dark and sophisticated themes of grief, identity, and the psychological impact of trauma. Its ending, marked by a shocking twist and a tragic resolution, leaves viewers with much to ponder about the nature of reality and the depths of human emotion. While the remake may not fully capture the raw intensity of the original, it offers a compelling narrative that challenges our perceptions and invites us to reflect on the indelible marks that grief leaves on us all.


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