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Fresh 2022 Film Ending Explained

“Fresh” (2022) ends with Noa and her friends defeating their captor, Steve, and escaping his clutches. The film uses horror to explore themes of commodification and female empowerment.

“Fresh” is a horror thriller that dives into the dark side of modern dating. Directed by Mimi Cave, it stars Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan. The film premiered at Sundance and later released on Hulu. It tells a gripping story about the dangers lurking behind charming exteriors.

Plot Summary

The story starts with Noa, a young woman tired of online dating. After a series of subpar dates, she meets Steve at a grocery store. Steve seems perfect—charming, attractive, and interested in her. Despite warnings from her best friend Mollie, Noa agrees to go on a weekend trip with him. But things take a dark turn when Steve drugs Noa. She wakes up chained in a room, discovering that Steve is a cannibal who sells human meat to wealthy clients. Noa becomes his latest victim (Wikipedia).

The Climax

As the plot thickens, Noa realizes Steve has a special interest in her. She decides to use this to her advantage. Pretending to be curious about his cannibalistic lifestyle, she asks him questions and shows interest. This manipulation helps her gain Steve’s trust. In a pivotal scene, she performs fellatio on him but bites off his penis. This act creates a distraction, allowing her to attempt an escape (High on Films).

The Final Confrontation

Noa’s escape is not easy. She frees two other women, Mollie and Penny, who are also held captive. The three women join forces to fight Steve. They manage to overpower him, and Noa shoots him in the face, killing him. But their ordeal isn’t over. Steve’s wife, Ann, arrives and almost strangles Noa. Mollie intervenes just in time, smashing Ann’s face with a spade. This ensures their final escape (DMTalkies).

Themes and Analysis

Cannibalism and Consumerism

“Fresh” uses cannibalism to symbolize the commodification of human bodies, especially women’s bodies. The film critiques how women are often objectified and consumed. Steve’s wealthy clients, who pay for human meat, represent the extreme end of this commodification. This highlights the dehumanizing effects of treating people as products (High on Films).

Feminist Undertones

The film also explores female empowerment and camaraderie. Noa’s manipulation of Steve and her escape with the help of other women underscore the importance of solidarity. The film subverts the traditional “final girl” trope. Noa’s survival is not just due to her actions but also the collective effort of the women around her (Screen Rant).

The Horrors of Modern Dating

“Fresh” serves as a cautionary tale about modern dating’s dangers. The film’s opening scenes show Noa’s disastrous date with a man named Chad. This sets the stage for the horrors that follow. Steve’s initial charm and later revelation as a cannibalistic predator highlight the potential for deception and danger in the dating world (Decider).

Critical Reception

“Fresh” received positive reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an 81% approval rating based on 208 reviews. The consensus reads, “As gripping as it is upsetting, Fresh makes a provocative meal out of the horror of modern dating” (Wikipedia). Metacritic gave it a score of 67 out of 100, indicating “generally favorable” reviews.

Critics praised the performances of Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan. They also liked the film’s unique blend of horror and dark comedy. However, some reviewers felt the film’s exploration of race and gender dynamics could have been more nuanced. For example, the character of Ann, Steve’s wife, is seen as a self-interest-focused traitor. This idea is only vaguely teased and then abandoned (Roger Ebert).


“Fresh” is a provocative film that uses horror to explore themes of commodification, female empowerment, and modern dating dangers. Its ending, where Noa and her fellow captives overcome their tormentor, provides a satisfying resolution. The film’s critical reception shows its ability to engage and disturb audiences, making it a noteworthy entry in the horror genre.


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