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Everything Everywhere All at Once Ending

The ending of Everything Everywhere All at Once shows Evelyn’s journey from chaos to understanding. She learns that love and acceptance can save the multiverse and her family.

This film, directed by the Daniels, blends sci-fi, action, and comedy. It stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, a woman who must save the multiverse. The ending is complicated but deeply emotional.

Evelyn’s Multiverse Adventure

Evelyn Wang owns a laundromat and faces many problems. She has an IRS audit, a possible divorce, and a strained relationship with her daughter, Joy. Her life changes when she learns about the multiverse. She must fight Jobu Tupaki, a version of Joy from another universe. Evelyn connects with her parallel selves to gain the skills needed to save the multiverse (Screen Rant).

The multiverse concept is central to the story. Each universe forms from different decisions made by individuals. For example, in one universe, Evelyn becomes a famous actress after breaking up with her husband, Waymond (CinemaBlend).

The Alphaverse is the first universe to discover the multiverse. Alpha Waymond, a version of Evelyn’s husband, recruits her to fight Jobu Tupaki. Characters can “verse-jump” to access skills and knowledge from their alternate selves by performing unlikely actions (Looper).

The Everything Bagel Symbol

The “Everything Bagel” is a key symbol in the film. Created by Jobu Tupaki, it contains everything in the multiverse. This bagel represents Jobu’s nihilism. She believes that if everything exists, then nothing matters. This drives her to seek self-destruction by diving into the bagel (Collider).

Evelyn’s journey is both physical and emotional. She initially feels overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities. She even smashes her laundromat’s front window, rejecting her current life and the life she could have had (Looper).

As the story progresses, Evelyn learns the importance of human connections. She realizes that her relationships give her life meaning. This is shown in her interactions with Joy. Evelyn accepts Joy’s girlfriend, Becky, and confronts her father about Joy’s sexuality. These moments highlight her growth (Screen Rant).

The Climactic Confrontation

The climax happens in multiple universes at once. In the IRS Universe, Evelyn fights to stop Jobu from diving into the everything bagel. In the Party Universe, she supports Joy and her girlfriend. Despite her efforts, Joy still feels burdened by her mother’s expectations and considers leaving her family (Looper).

Evelyn’s final plea to Jobu is heartfelt. She acknowledges the pain and confusion of infinite possibilities. She embraces every version of herself and her daughter, pulling Joy back from the darkness. This act of unconditional love and acceptance saves the multiverse and mends their relationship (What to Watch).

Themes Explored

Nihilism and Meaning

The film explores themes of nihilism and the search for meaning. It suggests that in an infinite universe, traditional notions of meaning can be overwhelming. However, it also shows that meaning can be found in relationships. Evelyn realizes that her relationship with Joy gives her life purpose (Screen Rant).

Family and Acceptance

At its core, the film is about family and acceptance. Evelyn’s journey is not just about saving the multiverse but about understanding and accepting her daughter. The film portrays the struggles of a parent letting their child be themselves. This theme resonates with many viewers, making the film’s message both universal and personal (Screen Rant).

The Power of Kindness

Waymond, Evelyn’s husband, embodies kindness throughout the film. His gentle nature contrasts with the chaos of the multiverse. Waymond’s belief that kindness and empathy can overcome obstacles is a recurring theme. He diffuses conflicts with effortless acts of kindness, showing that love and compassion are powerful forces (Collider).


Everything Everywhere All at Once defies easy categorization. It is a sci-fi action-comedy that explores deep philosophical questions and emotional themes. The ending, with its multiverse mechanics and heartfelt character arcs, offers a nuanced perspective on finding meaning in an infinite universe. Evelyn’s journey from nihilism to acceptance and love shows the power of human connections.

The film’s success, both critically and commercially, highlights its unique storytelling and universal themes. With seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, Everything Everywhere All at Once is a modern cinematic masterpiece (Screen Rant).


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