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Ending of Confess, Fletch Explained

The ending of Confess, Fletch reveals that Fletch himself orchestrated the entire operation to expose corrupt politicians. This twist adds depth to his character, portraying him as an unconventional hero.

Confess, Fletch, a 2022 crime-comedy film, is a modern adaptation of Gregory McDonald’s 1976 novel. Directed by Greg Mottola and starring Jon Hamm, the film has intrigued audiences with its elaborate plot and surprising twists. Let’s dive into the film’s ending and understand its key elements.

Plot Overview

The story follows Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher, a former investigative journalist. He becomes the prime suspect in a murder case while searching for his girlfriend’s stolen art collection. The film blends comedy and mystery, with Fletch navigating a series of convoluted events to clear his name and uncover the truth behind the crimes.

The True Mastermind Revealed

One of the most significant revelations in the film’s ending is the identification of the true mastermind behind the crimes. Throughout the movie, the audience is led to believe that a notorious criminal organization is responsible for the chaos. However, in a surprising twist, it is revealed that Fletch himself has been orchestrating the entire operation to expose corrupt politicians. This unexpected turn of events adds depth to Fletch’s character, portraying him as an unconventional hero rather than a traditional villain. This twist is both shocking and satisfying, as it redefines Fletch’s role in the story.

Fletch’s Motivation

Fletch’s seemingly contradictory actions throughout the movie are finally justified in the ending. Initially, his involvement with criminal activities raises suspicions, but it becomes clear that he is infiltrating the organization to gather evidence against the corrupt politicians who have been pulling the strings behind the scenes. This revelation highlights Fletch’s dedication to justice and his willingness to use unorthodox methods to achieve his goals. His actions, though questionable, are driven by a powerful sense of justice and a desire to expose corruption.

The Double Agent

The film also introduces the concept of a double agent, adding another layer of elaborateity to the plot. Fletch’s deception of his allies is a necessary tactic to protect his mission and ensure the safety of those involved. This element of the story underscores the moral amhugeuity of Fletch’s actions and challenges the audience’s perception of right and wrong. The double agent twist keeps viewers on their toes, constantly questioning the true motives of the characters.

Resolution of Character Arcs

The ending of Confess, Fletch ties up loose ends by revealing the true orchestrators of the crimes, bringing justice to the corrupt politicians, and offering closure to the character arcs. Fletch successfully exposes the corrupt politicians and ensures the truth comes to light, fulfilling his mission and vindicating his unorthodox methods. This resolution leaves very few unresolved questions and provides a thought-provoking conclusion that challenges the audience’s perception of heroism and villainy. The characters’ journeys come full circle, providing a satisfying end to their arcs.

Critical Acclaim

The film’s ending received widespread critical acclaim for its bold storytelling and unexpected twists. Critics praised the film’s ability to keep audiences guessing until the very end, with many noting the exceptional performances and the way the ending tied up loose ends while leaving room for introspection. The film’s success ensured its place as a modern crime-comedy classic. The critical acclaim highlights the film’s ability to balance humor and mystery effectively.

The Final Confrontation

In the climactic final confrontation, Fletch follows Angela to a meeting with Horan on his sailboat, assuming that she stole the paintings and transferred them to Horan to sell. Horan reveals that he killed Laurel and framed Fletch to eliminate him from the painting transaction. He then planned to deceive Angela and pay off his debts by selling the Count’s art collection. Horan pulls a gun and tries to kill Fletch, but is shot dead by Griz. This resolution not only ties up the central mystery but also reinforces Fletch’s role as a cunning and resourceful protagonist. The final confrontation is intense and satisfying, providing a fitting end to the story.

Analysis of Jon Hamm’s Performance

Jon Hamm’s portrayal of Fletch has been a topic of discussion among critics and audiences alike. While some praised his comedic chops and ability to bring a fresh take to the character, others felt that his performance lacked the wild-eyed, rubber-faced charm that Chevy Chase brought to the role in the original films. Hamm’s more understated and stolid approach to the character has been both a strength and a frailness, depending on the viewer’s perspective. His performance adds a new dimension to Fletch, making him a more grounded and relatable character.


Confess, Fletch is a film that successfully blends comedy and mystery, offering a fresh take on a beloved character while staying true to the spirit of the original novels. The ending of the film is a testament to the director’s storytelling prowess, providing a satisfying resolution to the central mystery while leaving room for introspection and reflection. With its critical acclaim and compelling narrative, Confess, Fletch solidifies its place as a memorable crime-comedy mystery in the year 2024 and beyond. The film’s ending leaves a lasting impression, encouraging viewers to reflect on the nature of justice and the sacrifices necessary to expose corruption.


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