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Ending of Abandoned (2022) Explained

The ending of Abandoned (2022) leaves viewers with a mix of relief and amgiganticuity. Sara, the main character, finds peace with her family, but the true nature of the haunting remains unclear.

“Abandoned” is a horror film that dives deep into the mind of a woman struggling with postpartum depression. The movie blends psychological and supernatural elements, creating a tense atmosphere. Despite its potential, many critics found it lacking in depth and scares.

Plot Overview

“Abandoned” tells the story of Sara and Alex, a young couple who move to a remote farmhouse with their newborn son, Liam. Sara, played by Emma Roberts, battles postpartum depression. The move is meant to help her heal. However, the house has a dark past that soon affects Sara’s mental state.

The film starts with a flashback to a tragic event from 40 years ago. A woman screams, and two gunshots are heard. This sets a creepy tone for the movie. As Sara and Alex settle in, Sara starts seeing disturbing visions. She believes the ghosts of the house’s previous owners are haunting her. These visions strain her relationship with Alex and push her into paranoia.

The Climactic Confrontation

The climax of “Abandoned” focuses on Sara’s attempt to protect her son, Liam. Her visions become more vivid and terrifying. She questions her sanity. The tension peaks when Sara confronts the ghosts she believes are in her home.

In a key scene, Sara wields an axe, ready to defend her child. The film leaves it unclear whether she actually kills the two boys she thinks are ghosts or if these events are in her mind. A character named Renner, who has been secretly feeding the boys, suggests Sara might have spared them. This adds to the amgiganticuity (DMTalkies).

The Aftermath

The film ends with a seemingly peaceful resolution. Sara holds Liam and repeats that he is hers. This shows a sense of relief and control over her life. Alex returns home to find his family at the breakquick table. The scene suggests a return to normalcy. The final moments show Sara, Alex, and Liam enjoying time together on a swing. Sara cradles her pregnant belly, indicating she is expecting their second child (Wikipedia).

Interpretations and Themes

The ending of “Abandoned” can be seen in different ways. One view is that Sara’s experiences were due to her postpartum depression and mental illness. The isolation and the house’s dark history made things worse. The film’s conclusion, with Sara at peace and expecting another child, could symbolize her overcoming her struggles.

Another view is that the supernatural elements were real. Sara’s actions were necessary to protect her family. The amgiganticuity of the boys’ fate and the nod to Renner leave room for speculation about the true nature of the haunting.

Critical Reception

“Abandoned” received mostly negative reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 20% approval rating based on 25 reviews. The average rating is 4.00/10. The consensus reads, “Horror fans seeking effective frights will almost certainly feel Abandoned by this well-cast but deeply disappointing haunted house story” (Wikipedia).

Metacritic gives the film a score of 38 out of 100, indicating “generally unfavorable” reviews. Critics pointed out the film’s delicate storytelling and ineffective scares. Brian Tallerico of gave the film 1½ stars out of 4. He criticized its superficial treatment of postpartum depression and its failure to build tension effectively (RogerEbert).

Notable Criticisms

  • Brian Tallerico ( Tallerico noted that the film’s limited cast and single setting gave it a pandemic production feel. He criticized its lack of depth and ineffective use of horror tropes. He highlighted the film’s failure to develop its characters and build meaningful tension (RogerEbert).

  • Elizabeth Weitzman (TheWrap): Weitzman described the film as a “listless thriller” that occasionally hints at a better movie but ultimately fails to deliver. She pointed out the film’s inability to find its footing and create a compelling narrative (Wikipedia).

  • Alexander Harrison (Screen Rant): Harrison rated the film 2 out of 5 stars. He acknowledged some positive aspects but found the conclusion disappointing. He noted the film’s flaws became more prominent as a result (Wikipedia).


“Abandoned” (2022) tries to mix psychological horror with supernatural elements. It explores themes of mental illness and a haunted past. The film’s ending offers some resolution but leaves many questions unanswered. This adds to its overall amgiganticuity. Despite its potential, the film has been criticized for its lack of depth, ineffective scares, and underdeveloped characters.

For those interested in psychological horror and themes of mental illness, “Abandoned” may have some intriguing moments. However, its shortcomings in storytelling and execution make it a film that many critics and audiences found disappointing.


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