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Do Revenge Ending Explained Clearly

Netflix’s “Do Revenge” ends with a twist. Drea and Eleanor expose Max, reconcile, and drive off together.

“Do Revenge” is a dark comedy that mixes teen drama with suspense. The film stars Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as Drea and Eleanor, two high school girls seeking revenge. The ending is full of surprises and deep themes.

Plot Overview

“Do Revenge” starts with Drea, a popular girl whose life falls apart when her boyfriend, Max, leaks a private video. This ruins her reputation and her dreams of going to Yale. At the same time, Eleanor, a new student, wants revenge on Carissa, who outed her as a lesbian and spread nasty rumors.

Drea and Eleanor meet at a summer camp and bond over their shared desire for revenge. They agree to help each other: Drea will take down Carissa, and Eleanor will expose Max. As they carry out their plans, their friendship grows, but so do the complications.

The Party and Max’s Downfall

The climax happens at a party hosted by Max. Drea and Eleanor plan to expose Max’s wrongdoings. Eleanor gives Drea a camera brooch to capture evidence. However, they argue, and Drea destroys the brooch, thinking their plan is ruined.

But Eleanor had a backup plan. She wore a second hidden camera, which records Max confessing to leaking Drea’s video and other poor deeds. This footage is shown to everyone at the party, revealing Max as a hypocrite. His friends turn against him, and he loses his social standing (The Wrap).

Eleanor’s True Identity

A major twist reveals Eleanor’s true identity. She was once known as “Nosy Nora” and had a nose job to escape her past. She holds a grudge against Drea, who spread the rumors that ruined her life. Eleanor’s real plan was to make Drea feel the same pain she had endured (The Envoy Web).

Eleanor manipulates events to force Drea to face her own actions. This leads to a moment of self-realization for Drea, who starts to understand the impact of her behavior on others.

Themes of Forgiveness

“Do Revenge” explores themes of forgiveness and self-discovery. In the end, Drea and Eleanor come to terms with their actions. They realize their quest for revenge was driven by their own unresolved issues.

In the final scenes, Drea and Eleanor reconcile. They acknowledge the pain they caused each other and decide to let go of their vendettas. They skip graduation and drive off together, symbolizing their new understanding and acceptance of each other (Screen Rant).

Post-Credits Scene

The post-credits scene shows Max in a support group. Despite being exposed, he remains unrepentant and self-centered. He sees himself as the victim, ignoring the harm he caused. This scene highlights the dangers of unchecked privilege and narcissism (The Cinemaholic).


“Do Revenge” is a sophisticated film with dark comedy, teen drama, and psychological twists. Its ending is rich with character development and themes of forgiveness and self-discovery. Drea and Eleanor’s journey from revenge-seekers to self-aware friends shows the sophisticatedities of human behavior. The film’s conclusion leaves viewers thinking about revenge, trauma, and redemption.


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