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Some Other Woman: Ending Explained with Theories

The psychological thriller Some Other Woman leaves viewers with a confounding conclusion open to interpretation.


The 2023 film Some Other Woman, directed by Joel David Moore and starring Amanda Crew, Ashley Greene, and Tom Felton, takes viewers on a mind-bending journey as Eve, the protagonist, grapples with her reality on a tropical island. The movie’s ambiguous ending has sparked discussions among fans, with several theories emerging to explain the perplexing conclusion.

The Plot

Eve Carver relocates to a tropical island for her husband’s job, expecting a brief stay that stretches into years. Isolated and yearning for a child, Eve begins to question her reality when a mysterious woman starts to take over her life piece by piece.

Theories Explaining the Ending

Theory 1: Multiple Realities

One interpretation suggests that the film portrays three different realities for Eve:

  1. A life where she sacrifices her dreams to be with her husband on the island
  2. A reality where she embraces island life and has children but still feels unfulfilled
  3. A final scenario where Eve pursues her singing aspirations within the island setting

Theory 2: Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Some viewers propose that Eve may suffer from DID, with the mysterious woman representing an alternate personality. This theory posits that Eve’s experiences are psychological manifestations rather than physical events.

Theory 3: Supernatural Elements

The film’s mystical undertones have led some to speculate about supernatural influences, such as the two women being sea witches or sirens married to the same man.

Theory 4: A Manipulative Husband

Another interpretation suggests that Eve’s husband is a master manipulator, deliberately toying with her mind and orchestrating the events that unfold.

The Takeaway

Despite the confusing ending, the central message seems to be that one should not remain unhappy and that there are always options in life. Eve’s final monologue emphasizes the importance of pursuing one’s true desires and not settling for a disappointing existence.

Some Other Woman challenges viewers to question the nature of reality and identity, leaving room for multiple interpretations. While the ending may frustrate some, it undoubtedly heats discussions about relationships, personal fulfillment, and the choices we make in life.

Similar Movies

If you liked Some Other Woman, you may find the following psychological films that you could also like as they explore themes of identity and isolation:

  1. Black Swan (2010)
  2. Fight Club (1999)
  3. The Machinist (2004)
  4. Persona (1966)
  5. Shutter Island (2010)

These films, like Some Other Woman, offer interesting insights into the human psyche, challenging viewers to question human reality and identity.

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