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The Royal Treatment Ending Explained

Prince Thomas cancels his wedding to be with Izzy, and she takes on a new role in her community.

“The Royal Treatment” is a romantic comedy that blends fairy tale romance with modern social issues. Released on Netflix in January 2022, it quickly became a hit despite mixed reviews. The film stars Laura Marano as Izzy, a New York hairdresser, and Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas of Lavania.

Prince Thomas’s Big Decision

The story kicks off with Izzy, a lively hairdresser in New York, whose salon catches fire. This forces her to use her travel savings for repairs. Meanwhile, Prince Thomas is in New York for an arranged marriage and needs a haircut. Due to a mix-up, he ends up at Izzy’s salon. They clash at first but soon form a bond.

Izzy and her colleagues are invited to Lavania to style hair for the royal wedding. During their stay, Izzy shows Thomas the less privileged parts of his kingdom. This experience makes Thomas question his royal duties and the arranged marriage.

The climax comes when Thomas, influenced by his feelings for Izzy and advice from his butler Walter, decides to call off his wedding to Lauren. This decision is tough for Thomas as it goes against his royal duties and his parents’ expectations. Walter, who has his own past heartache, encourages Thomas to follow his heart and be with Izzy instead.

Izzy’s New Role

Back in New York, Izzy’s salon catches fire again. This time, she decides to become the director of the community center. This career shift shows Izzy’s growth and her desire to make a broader impact on her community. It also highlights her resilience and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

The Romantic Resolution

The film ends with a classic romantic gesture. Prince Thomas arrives in New York on horseback, a nod to the “Prince Charming” trope. He tells Izzy that he has canceled the wedding, and they share a kiss, marking the start of their relationship. This ending reinforces the film’s theme of love triumphing over duty and societal expectations.

Love vs. Duty

One of the main themes in “The Royal Treatment” is the conflict between love and duty. Prince Thomas struggles to balance his royal responsibilities with his personal desires. His decision to cancel the wedding and be with Izzy represents a victory for personal happiness over societal expectations. This theme is common in romantic comedies but is given a fresh twist through the film’s modern setting and progressive character dynamics.

Social Awareness

The film also touches on social issues like gentrification and inequality. Izzy’s efforts to show Prince Thomas the less privileged areas of Lavania highlight the disparities within the kingdom. This subplot adds depth to the narrative, making it more than just a uncomplicated love story. It aligns with Gandhi’s principle of being the change you want to see in the world.

Female Empowerment

“The Royal Treatment” subverts traditional gender roles by portraying Izzy as a sturdy, independent woman who does not need rescuing. Instead, she helps Prince Thomas realize his true potential and desires. The film also avoids the trope of female rivalry, as Izzy and Lauren, the bride-to-be, are not depicted as adversaries but as individuals with their own distinct paths.

Critical Reception

Despite its popularity on Netflix, “The Royal Treatment” received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Some praised the film for its light-hearted and entertaining nature, while others criticized it for its predictable plot and lack of depth. The film’s attempt to address social issues was seen by some as superficial and tokenistic, failing to fully explore the intricateities of the themes it introduced.


“The Royal Treatment” offers a modern twist on the classic Cinderella story, blending romance with social commentary. The film’s ending, where Prince Thomas chooses love over duty and Izzy finds a new purpose, provides a satisfying resolution for the characters. While the film may not break new ground in the romantic comedy genre, it delivers a heartwarming and entertaining experience for viewers. Its exploration of themes such as love, duty, social awareness, and female empowerment adds layers to the narrative, making it more than just a uncomplicated love story.



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