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The Munsters 2022 Film Ending Explained

The Munsters 2022 film ends with the family moving to America, buying a mansion, and setting up for future adventures. The ending also pays homage to the original series.

Rob Zombie’s 2022 film, The Munsters, reimagines the classic 1960s sitcom. It tells the love story of Herman Munster and Lily, a 150-year-old vampire. The film explores their origins and sets the stage for their future in America.

Moving to America

The film ends with Herman, Lily, and The Count moving to America. They buy a spooky mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. This move is a large change from their life in Transylvania. The Munsters find the human-filled suburbs scarier than their old home. This sets up their future adventures in Los Angeles.

The move to America is a key part of the story. It shows the Munsters adapting to a new culture. The film uses this to create humor and highlight the differences between the Munsters and their new neighbors. This transition is both funny and touching, showing the family’s solid bond.

Financial Windfall

A large question from the original series is how the Munsters afford their mansion. The film answers this. Lester, Lily’s werewolf brother, brings a check to Herman. Lester won a lot of money gambling in Las Vegas. He used the payment from selling The Count’s castle. This money lets the Munsters buy their new home.

However, the film hints that the money doesn’t last long. In the 1960s TV show, the family is working-class. This detail adds depth to the story. It shows that despite their wealth, the Munsters still face everyday struggles. This makes them relatable and endearing.

Homage to Original Series

The ending of The Munsters pays tribute to the original TV show. In a black-and-white scene, the characters exit through a Herman-shaped hole in the door. This mirrors the season 2 intro of the original series. This scene is a nod to the show’s format. It connects the prequel film to the beloved sitcom.

This homage is a treat for fans of the original series. It shows Rob Zombie’s respect for the source material. The scene bridges the gap between the new film and the classic show. It also adds a nostalgic touch, making the ending memorable.

Potential for a Sequel

The film’s ending hints at a possible sequel. Marilyn and Eddie Munster, key characters from the original series, are missing. A sequel could explore their origins. Marilyn moved in with her aunt Lily as a baby. Eddie was born a few years later. This unexplored period offers a chance to expand the family’s story.

A sequel could answer lingering questions and delve deeper into the characters’ backstories. This would be exciting for fans. It would also allow Rob Zombie to continue his unique take on the Munsters. The potential for a sequel adds an element of anticipation to the film’s ending.

Critical Reception

The film received mixed reviews. Some praised its humor and homage to the original series. Others criticized its style and execution. The film’s bright color scheme was both praised and critiqued. Some found it vibrant, while others thought it was too garish.

Positive Reviews

Critics who liked the film appreciated its earnestness. They praised the performances, especially Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster. The film’s fun, campy nature was also noted. It captured the spirit of the original show.

Negative Reviews

Some critics felt the film lacked substance. They criticized its uneven execution. The use of pencil-drawn interludes and post-production effects was seen as distracting. The film’s humor and style were described as more suitable for a younger audience.


Rob Zombie’s The Munsters (2022) is a colorful prequel to the 1960s sitcom. The ending sets the stage for the family’s future in America. It also pays homage to the original series. While the film received mixed reviews, it has the potential for a sequel. This could explore unexplored family history. Whether or not a sequel happens, The Munsters (2022) shows Rob Zombie’s passion for the original series and his unique vision for its characters.


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