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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Ending

Crash and Eddie decide to stay in the Lost World, marking their growth and independence. This sets up potential future spin-offs in the Ice Age franchise.

The latest Ice Age movie, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, brings back beloved characters in a new adventure. This time, the focus is on Buck Wild and the possum brothers, Crash and Eddie. The film has received mixed reviews, but it still offers some intriguing developments for fans.

Plot Overview

The story kicks off with Crash and Eddie, the thrill-seeking possum brothers, wanting to break free from their older sister, Ellie. They stumble upon the Lost World, a vast underground cave filled with dinosaurs. Here, they meet Buck Wild, a one-eyed, adventurous weasel. Together, they set out to save the Lost World from dinosaur domination. This sets the stage for a series of exciting and humorous events (Disney Fandom).

The Ending

Growth and Independence

In the climax, Crash and Eddie show significant character growth. Initially portrayed as reckless and dependent, they decide to stay in the Lost World. This decision marks a turning point, showcasing their maturity and independence. They embrace their adventurous lives, leaving behind their old ways (MEAW).

Emotional Farewell

The film ends with a heartfelt superbbye between Crash, Eddie, and their family. Despite choosing to stay in the Lost World, they promise to visit often, especially for meals since neither can cook. This emotional farewell highlights the robust family bonds that have been a recurring theme in the Ice Age series (MEAW).

Setting Up Future Spin-offs

The ending leaves room for future spin-offs. The filmmakers have shown interest in exploring more of this world. Crash and Eddie’s decision to stay in the Lost World, along with their ongoing adventures with Buck, provides ample material for potential sequels or spin-offs (LatestLY).

Critical Reception

Mixed Reviews

Critics have given the film generally negative reviews. One major criticism is the lack of focus on Buck Wild, despite him being the central character. The antics of Crash and Eddie often overshadow Buck’s role. Additionally, the recasting of voice actors, the absence of the beloved character Scrat, and the perceived decline in animation quality have also been points of contention (Wikipedia).

Audience Viewership

Despite mixed reviews, the film has done well in terms of viewership. According to Samba TV, 797,000 US households watched the movie in its first two days of streaming. It was also among the top ten most-watched films across all platforms in the United States during its release week (Wikipedia).

Analysis and Implications

Character Development

Crash and Eddie’s decision to stay in the Lost World signifies their transition from dependent siblings to independent adventurers. This character growth is a crucial element of the film’s narrative. It highlights themes of maturity, self-reliance, and the importance of protecting loved ones. Their journey mirrors the classic coming-of-age trope, making it relatable for younger audiences while providing a sense of closure for long-time fans.

Potential for Future Stories

The open-ended conclusion sets the stage for future stories within the Ice Age universe. The filmmakers’ interest in exploring more of this world suggests that we may see more adventures featuring Buck, Crash, and Eddie. This potential for expansion aligns with Disney’s strategy of leveraging popular franchises to create new content for its streaming platform, Disney+ (MovieWeb).

Nostalgia vs. Innovation

One challenge faced by the film is balancing nostalgia with innovation. While it tries to capture the humor and charm of the original Ice Age movies, it also introduces new elements and characters. However, the mixed reception indicates that this balance was not entirely successful. Long-time fans may feel that the film lacks the depth and quality of earlier installments, while new viewers might find it difficult to connect with the characters and story.


The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild ends with Crash and Eddie embracing their independence, setting the stage for potential future spin-offs. Despite mixed reviews and criticisms, the film has performed well in terms of viewership. The open-ended conclusion and the filmmakers’ interest in exploring more of this world suggest that the Ice Age franchise will continue to evolve, offering new adventures for both old and new fans.


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