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The Drop (2022 film) ending explained

“The Drop” is a movie from 2022 that mixes dark humor with some drama, meaning it’s funny but in a sort of serious, sometimes weird way. It was made by Sarah Adina Smith, who also helped write it. The movie has Anna Konkle and Jermaine Fowler as the main actors, and they’re pretty well-known. It first showed at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022 and then came out for everyone to watch on Hulu on January 13, 2023. People had different opinions about it; some liked it, and some didn’t.

Ending Explaination

The ending of “The Drop” (2022 film) shows how Lex and Mani, the couple at the center of the story, deal with the consequences of the baby-dropping incident and what it means for their relationship and future plans. After the incident, they face a lot of emotional turmoil and challenges, both individually and as a couple. The ending focuses on their journey of coming to terms with what happened, learning from it, and moving forward. It highlights the importance of forgiveness, understanding, and resilience in facing unexpected obstacles in life. Essentially, it’s about how they navigate through their struggles and work towards rebuilding their trust and love for each other, showing that even after a significant setback, it’s possible to find a way to heal and continue pursuing one’s dreams and goals together.

Similar Movies

If you enjoyed “The Drop” and are looking for similar movies with a mix of dark humor and compelling storytelling, here are a few suggestions:

  • Burn After Reading (2008) – A dark comedy involving mishaps and misunderstandings.
  • In Bruges (2008) – Dark humor with hitmen in a picturesque city.
  • The Lobster (2015) – A unique, darkly comic take on love and society.
  • Seven Psychopaths (2012) – A quirky, violent comedy about a struggling writer.
  • Fargo (1996) – A classic dark comedy with crime and bizarre twists.
  • Jojo Rabbit (2019) – A satirical take on World War II from a unique perspective.


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