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Ending Explained: Liberation and Growth in Showing Up (film)

“Showing Up” is a movie that’s a mix of comedy and drama, kind of like a funny but serious story. It’s about a sculptor, played by Michelle Williams, who’s trying to balance her busy life. She has to focus on creating art, her job, spending time with her family, and hanging out with friends. Michelle Williams is a famous actress, and she’s worked on this movie with the director Kelly Reichardt multiple times before. This film got some attention when it was shown at a big film festival called Cannes in 2022, and people really liked it, especially how Michelle Williams acted and how Kelly Reichardt directed the movie. It was even considered one of the best independent movies in 2023!

Ending Explanation

The ending of “Showing Up” represents a moment of release and acceptance for the characters, particularly for Lizzy. The scene where Sean releases the pigeon, which has recovered enough to fly away, symbolizes letting go of burdens and worries that the characters have been carrying throughout the film. Lizzy’s struggles with her art, her family’s issues, and her conflicts with Jo all lead up to this point where they collectively experience a moment of liberation.

The pigeon’s recovery and release parallel Lizzy’s own journey. Just like the bird, she faces challenges that seem to hinder her progress, but ultimately, she finds a way to rise above them. The fact that her family, including Sean, shows up for her exhibition, and Jo brings the pigeon, signifies the support and connection among the characters, despite their earlier conflicts.

In essence, the ending is about moving forward and finding freedom from past struggles. It suggests that despite the difficulties life throws at us, there is always a possibility for healing and growth. Lizzy’s acceptance of the pigeon flying away reflects her realization that some things are beyond her control, and it’s okay to let go and trust the process.

Similar Movies

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