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Press Play Film Ending Explained

The ending of “Press Play” shows Laura accepting Harrison’s death. She learns to cherish their memories instead of trying to change the past.

“Press Play” is a 2022 film that blends romance, drama, and science fiction. It tells the story of Laura and Harrison, whose love is tested by tragedy and time travel. Set in gorgeous Oahu, Hawaii, the film explores deep emotions and the power of music.

Plot Overview

“Press Play” follows Laura, an aspiring painter, and Harrison, a medical student. They bond over their love for music and create a mixtape together. This mixtape becomes a symbol of their relationship. Tragedy strikes when Harrison dies in a car accident, leaving Laura heartbroken.

Four years later, Laura discovers that the mixtape can transport her back in time. Each song on the tape takes her to a moment she shared with Harrison. This discovery gives Laura hope that she can save Harrison from his fate. She makes several attempts to change the past, but each one brings new challenges and consequences.

Laura’s journey through time is filled with both hope and heartache. She learns that altering the past is not as easy as she thought. Each trip back affects not only her relationship with Harrison but also the lives of those around her. Despite her efforts, she faces many obstacles in her quest to save him.

The Ending Explained

The ending of “Press Play” is both touching and bittersweet. Laura realizes that she cannot change the past. After many failed attempts, she understands that she must cherish the moments she had with Harrison. This realization brings her a sense of peace.

In the final scenes, Laura decides to let go of her mission to save Harrison. She embraces the time they had together and finds solace in their memories. This decision marks her acceptance of Harrison’s death. The film ends on a hopeful note, highlighting the importance of moving forward despite loss.

Themes and Analysis

Grief and Acceptance

“Press Play” delves deep into the themes of grief and acceptance. Laura’s journey mirrors the stages of grief, from denial to acceptance. The time-travel element allows her to confront her emotions and find peace. This theme resonates with anyone who has experienced loss.

The Power of Music

Music is a central element in “Press Play”. The mixtape that Laura and Harrison create symbolizes their love and shared memories. Each song on the tape marks a milestone in their relationship. The ability to travel back in time through these songs shows the profound impact music can have on our lives.

Time Travel and Its Consequences

The film’s time-travel concept is both fantastical and grounded. The idea of a magical mixtape may seem far-fetched, but the film handles it with emotional realism. Each trip back in time brings unintended consequences, highlighting the complicatedity of altering the past. This adds depth to the story and reinforces the theme of acceptance.

Cinematography and Setting

“Press Play” is set in the stunning landscapes of Oahu, Hawaii. The cinematography enhances the film’s emotional impact. Natural lighting and gorgeous beach scenes create a visually engaging experience. The serene settings contrast with the emotional turmoil of the characters, adding another layer to the film.

Critical Reception

“Press Play” received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised its heartfelt performances and emotional depth, while others found it predictable. Despite this, the film stands out for its sincere portrayal of young love and grief.


Clara Rugaard’s performance as Laura is widely praised. She brings emotional authenticity to her role, making her character relatable. Lewis Pullman also shines as Harrison, capturing his charm and vulnerability.

Direction and Writing

Greg Björkman’s direction, especially for a debut, is commendable. The screenplay, co-written by Björkman and James Bachelor, balances the grounded story with the fantastical elements of time travel. This balance is a testament to Björkman’s skill as a director.


“Press Play” is a touching film that explores love, loss, and acceptance through time travel. Its ending offers a message of hope and the importance of cherishing moments with loved ones. The film’s use of music and stunning cinematography enhance its emotional impact. Despite mixed reviews, “Press Play” remains a heartfelt exploration of the human experience.


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