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Ending Explained: How ‘Moving On (2022 Film)’ Redefines Healing

“Moving On” is a comedy movie from 2022. It’s about funny and touching moments and was created by Paul Weitz. Some very famous actors are in it, like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. It’s a story that will make you laugh and maybe even cry a little. The movie first showed at a big film festival in Toronto before coming out for more people to watch in March 2023. It’s special too because it’s the last movie that Richard Roundtree acted in before he passed away.

Ending Explanation

The ending of “Moving On” shows the two friends finally confronting their past and the person who caused them pain. By planning and trying to take revenge, they actually start dealing with their hurt feelings and memories that they’ve been carrying for years. The process helps them to understand and forgive, not just the person who hurt them, but also themselves and each other for the ways they’ve been apart. The movie wraps up by showing that moving on isn’t just about getting back at someone; it’s more about healing old wounds and finding peace with the past. This way, they can live their lives more fully, without being held back by past hurts.

Similar Movies

If you enjoyed the blend of comedy and poignant moments in Moving On, here are some similar movies you might like:

  • Grace and Frankie – Although it’s a series, it stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in comedic roles as they navigate life changes.
  • Book Club – Another film starring Jane Fonda, focusing on friendship and new chapters in life.
  • The Kominsky Method – A Netflix series about aging and friendship, with humor and depth.
  • Something’s Gotta Give – A romantic comedy that explores love and life in later years.
  • I Care a Lot – Offers a darkly comedic take on guardianship with a focus on elderly characters.
  • On Golden Pond – A classic film featuring themes of aging, family, and reconciliation.

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