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Marmaduke 2022 Film Ending Explained

Marmaduke’s ending shows his journey to redemption and a new beginning in Hollywood.

“Marmaduke” (2022) is an animated comedy film. It features the voice of Pete Davidson as Marmaduke. The movie is based on the comic strip by Paul and Brad Anderson. Released on May 6, 2022, it has received a lot of criticism for its animation and story.

Marmaduke’s Journey

The story follows Marmaduke, a mischievous Great Dane. He dreams of winning the Westminster Champion’s trophy. The film starts with Marmaduke causing chaos at a family party. This leads to a viral video that catches the eye of dog trainer Guy Hilton. Hilton believes he can turn Marmaduke into a champion.

Marmaduke undergoes training and enters competitions. His main rival is Zeus, a dog with a shiny coat and a huge ego. Zeus tries to sabotage Marmaduke by making him eat before a competition. This causes Marmaduke to embarrass himself and his family.

Despite these setbacks, Marmaduke remains determined. He trains hard and even travels around the world to impress Hilton. During the World Championship, Zeus spills shampoo, causing Marmaduke to slip. This results in Hilton getting hurt and rushed to the hospital. Marmaduke is left without a trainer.

Family Support

Marmaduke’s family steps in to help him. They support him through the competition stages. Despite Zeus’s attempts to sabotage him, Marmaduke’s family helps him regain confidence. He performs well in the competition.

The turning point comes when Marmaduke and his friend Zhi uncover a conspiracy. The competition’s judge is revealed to be Zeus’s second owner. The judge has been manipulating the competition to ensure Zeus’s victory. This leads to Zeus being disqualified, and Zhi winning the championship. Marmaduke earns respect for his perseverance and integrity.

New Beginning

The film ends with Marmaduke starting a new chapter. He begins an acting career in Hollywood. This ending highlights themes of redemption, hard work, and family support.

Critical Reception

“Marmaduke” (2022) has been widely criticized. The animation, screenplay, story, and humor have all been subjects of criticism. Reviewers have described the animation as outdated. The storyline is seen as linear and unengaging. Some suggest that children above the age of seven would likely find it unappealing.

Despite the negative reviews, Pete Davidson’s performance has been noted as a highlight. His voice adds humor and personality to the character of Marmaduke.


“Marmaduke” (2022) tries to blend humor, family values, and the classic underdog story. While it falls short in many areas, it offers moments of charm and humor. The ending shows Marmaduke overcoming challenges and starting a new career in Hollywood. Despite its flaws, “Marmaduke” provides a family-friendly narrative that may resonate with younger audiences and fans of the original comic strip.


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