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Hollywood Stargirl Ending Explained

The ending of Hollywood Stargirl shows Stargirl and her mother deciding to stay in Los Angeles. This decision highlights themes of optimism, community, and artistic expression.

Hollywood Stargirl, directed by Julia Hart, is a 2022 drama romance film. It continues the story of Stargirl Caraway, first introduced in the 2020 film Stargirl. The sequel, available on Disney+, shifts focus to Stargirl’s new life in Los Angeles.

Plot Summary

Hollywood Stargirl starts with Stargirl (Grace VanderWaal) and her mother, Ana (Judy Greer), moving to Los Angeles. Ana, a costume designer, often relocates for work, making it hard for Stargirl to form lasting relationships. In LA, Stargirl meets their landlady and her sons, Evan (Elijah Richardson) and Terrell (Tyrel Jackson Williams). Evan, an aspiring filmmaker, is captivated by Stargirl’s singing talent and invites her to join a sizzle reel—a promotional trailer for a movie they are working on.

Key Events Leading to the Ending

As the story unfolds, Stargirl, Evan, and Terrell work together on their film project. Stargirl’s involvement brings creativity and enthusiasm, and the trio forms a close bond. However, their plans face a setback when Ana loses her job and decides to move back to Berkeley. Stargirl, determined to stay in LA and pursue her dreams, convinces her mother to remain in the city despite their financial uncertainty.

The Ending Explained

Decision to Stay in LA

The climax centers on whether Stargirl and Ana will stay in Los Angeles. Initially, Ana wants to move back to Berkeley due to her job loss and financial instability. Stargirl, however, believes they can make it work in LA. She reassures her mother that they need to be brave and have faith in the future. This heartfelt conversation leads Ana to agree to stay, showing her trust in Stargirl’s optimism and determination (DMTalkies).

The Movie Project

Despite the initial setback, the film project continues. Stargirl, Evan, and Terrell complete their sizzle reel with help from their grumpy but kind-hearted neighbor, Mr. Mitchell. He lends them his camera and even offers to sell it for money if needed, becoming the producer of their movie. This act of kindness underscores the theme of community and support (DMTalkies).

Emotional Closure

The film ends on a hopeful note, with Stargirl and her mother deciding to stay in LA and pursue their dreams. The movie project symbolizes the joy of creating art with friends and loved ones. Mr. Mitchell’s involvement and the successful completion of the sizzle reel highlight the idea that dreams can be realized with community support.

Themes and Analysis

Optimism and Resilience

One central theme is optimism in the face of adversity. Stargirl’s belief in a better future inspires those around her, including her mother. This theme is relevant today, where many face uncertainties and challenges. The film’s message is clear: with resilience and a positive outlook, one can overcome obstacles and achieve dreams.

The Power of Community

The film emphasizes the importance of community and support. Mr. Mitchell’s transformation from a grumpy neighbor to a supportive friend shows how connections with others can bring positive change. The collaborative effort of Stargirl, Evan, and Terrell in making their movie reinforces this theme. Success is not just about individual effort but also about collective support.

Artistic Expression

Hollywood Stargirl celebrates artistic expression and the joy of creating. The film project serves as a metaphor for the creative process, highlighting the excitement and fulfillment that come from pursuing passions. The movie’s soundtrack, featuring several pop songs performed by Stargirl, adds to this theme, showcasing the power of music to uplift and inspire.

Critical Reception

Hollywood Stargirl received mixed reviews. Some praised the film for its charm and positive message, while others felt it lacked depth and emotional development. The New York Times noted that the sequel focuses more on Stargirl’s charisma and less on the altruism that defined her character in the first film (New York Times). IndieWire highlighted the film’s kind-hearted plea for a more collaborative and joyful approach to filmmaking, though it also mentioned that the story feels more like a vignette than a complete narrative (IndieWire).


Hollywood Stargirl is a heartwarming film exploring themes of optimism, community, and artistic expression. The ending, where Stargirl and her mother decide to stay in LA, reinforces the film’s message of resilience and the power of support from loved ones. While it may not be a cinematic masterpiece, it offers a feel-superb experience that can lift spirits. The collaborative effort of the characters and the joyful pursuit of their dreams make Hollywood Stargirl a delightful watch, especially for those seeking a positive and uplifting story.


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