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Good Mourning Film Ending Explained

The ending of “Good Mourning” shows London Clash choosing love over his career. This decision highlights the film’s theme of valuing personal relationships over professional success.

“Good Mourning” is a 2022 stoner comedy directed by Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun. The film stars Colson Baker, Mod Sun, and Megan Fox. It follows London Clash, a movie star, who faces a chaotic day after misinterpreting a text from his girlfriend, Apple.

Plot Overview

The story kicks off with London Clash waking up to a text from his girlfriend, Apple. The text reads “outstanding mourning”, which London mistakenly thinks is a breakup message. This misunderstanding sends him into a panic. His day gets worse when his new assistant, Olive, arrives, and he anticipates a role in a new Batman film. Things spiral out of control when Trippie Redd destroys his phone with a water balloon.

London’s friends, Angel and Leo, try to help him. They break into Apple’s house but accidentally destroy urns containing her relatives’ ashes. In a desperate move, they replace the ashes with cannabis. This leads to a heavy smoking session with their friends Dylan, Fat Joe, and Kennedy. The day becomes a series of chaotic events, making London’s life even more complicated (Wikipedia).

The Climax

As the day goes on, London’s situation worsens. He is torn between his love for Apple and a life-changing role in a major film. The climax is full of unpredictable twists, thanks to his chaotic friends. The tension peaks when London finally contacts Apple, but their conversation gets interrupted again.

The Ending

The film ends with London making a tough choice between his career and his love life. He decides to prioritize his relationship with Apple over the career opportunity. This moment shows London’s personal growth. He realizes that true happiness comes from personal relationships, not professional success.

Analysis of the Ending

The ending of “Good Mourning” highlights the conflict between personal and professional life. London’s choice to prioritize his relationship reflects the film’s theme: the importance of personal connections. The chaotic events of the day serve as a metaphor for life’s unpredictability. The film suggests that finding balance amidst chaos is crucial.

Critical Reception

“Good Mourning” received mostly negative reviews. Critics pointed out flaws in its direction and screenplay. The film was nominated for the 43rd Golden Raspberry Awards and won Worst Director for Baker and Mod Sun (Wikipedia). Despite this, it has a following among fans of stoner comedies who enjoy its humor and ensemble cast.


The ending of “Good Mourning” wraps up the chaotic narrative fittingly. London’s decision to choose his relationship with Apple over his career underscores the film’s central theme. While critics did not favor the film, it offers a humorous and heartfelt look at balancing personal and professional life. The ending, focusing on personal growth and relationships, provides a satisfying conclusion to London’s tumultuous day.


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