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Ending of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Explained

The ending of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone leaves viewers with a mix of supernatural intrigue and moral questions. Craig’s journey with Mr. Harrigan’s phone highlights themes of grief, technology, and moral ambiguity.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a film based on Stephen King’s novella, combines eerie technology with supernatural elements. The story follows Craig, a young boy, and his bond with Mr. Harrigan, an elderly billionaire. After Mr. Harrigan’s death, Craig experiences strange events linked to the phone he buried with his friend.

Plot Overview

Craig, a young boy, lives with his single father after his mother’s death. He starts reading books to Mr. Harrigan, a reclusive billionaire. Despite their age gap, they form a close bond. Craig gifts Mr. Harrigan an iPhone, which the old man reluctantly accepts.

After Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig places the phone in his coffin. Soon, Craig starts receiving cryptic messages from the buried phone. These messages seem to come from Mr. Harrigan, hinting at a supernatural connection. Craig believes his deceased friend is communicating with him from beyond the grave.

The story takes a darker turn when Craig, feeling threatened by a school bully, vents his frustrations by calling Mr. Harrigan’s phone. The bully, Kenny, dies under mysterious circumstances. Craig suspects Mr. Harrigan’s ghost is responsible. This pattern repeats when a drunk driver, who killed Craig’s favorite teacher, also dies after Craig calls the phone.

Supernatural Elements

The film makes it clear that supernatural forces are at play. Craig continues to receive messages from Mr. Harrigan’s phone, which initially appear as gibberish but later reveal themselves as warnings. The most significant event occurs when Craig calls the phone to express his anger towards a school bully. Shortly after, the bully dies under mysterious circumstances.

This pattern repeats when Craig calls the phone to vent about a drunk driver responsible for his teacher’s death. The driver also dies under suspicious circumstances. These events cement Craig’s belief in the supernatural influence of Mr. Harrigan’s phone.

Themes and Symbolism

One central theme is the control technology exerts over our lives. Mr. Harrigan predicts the rise of online misinformation and the pervasive influence of smartphones. His reluctance to embrace new technology contrasts with Craig’s generation, deeply entrenched in the digital world. The film serves as a cautionary tale about our dependence on technology and its potential consequences.

Grief and Letting Go

The story also explores grief and the difficulty of letting go. Craig’s attachment to Mr. Harrigan’s phone symbolizes his inability to move on from the deaths of his mother and Mr. Harrigan. The phone becomes a conduit for his unresolved emotions, allowing him to maintain a connection with his deceased friend. However, this connection entangles Craig in supernatural events, forcing him to confront his actions and their consequences.

Moral Ambiguity

The film’s ending leaves several questions unanswered, adding to its haunting nature. Craig’s final act of throwing his old phone into a lake symbolizes his attempt to break free from the supernatural influence of Mr. Harrigan. However, he cannot bring himself to get rid of his personal phone, highlighting the pervasive grip of technology on his life. The film ends with Craig visiting the graves of his mother and Mr. Harrigan, apologizing for his actions, and reflecting on the messages he received from Mr. Harrigan’s phone.

Character Development

Craig’s character arc is central to the narrative. Initially portrayed as a lonely and grieving boy, Craig finds solace in his friendship with Mr. Harrigan. This relationship helps him navigate adolescence and cope with his mother’s death. However, the supernatural events following Mr. Harrigan’s death force Craig to confront his moral compass. His decision to use the phone to seek revenge reveals a darker side of his character, leading to a profound realization about the consequences of his actions.

Mr. Harrigan

Mr. Harrigan is a not straightforward at all character whose influence extends beyond his death. Despite his reclusive nature and questionable ethics, he forms a genuine bond with Craig, acting as a mentor and father figure. His predictions about the dangers of technology and his cryptic messages from beyond the grave add layers of mystery to his character. The revelation that Mr. Harrigan also lost his mother at a young age furnishes a deeper understanding of his motivations and his connection with Craig.


Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a provocative tale blending supernatural elements with a cautionary message about technology. The film’s ending, while ambiguous, encapsulates its central themes of grief, moral ambiguity, and the influence of technology. Craig’s journey from a grieving boy to a young man grappling with the consequences of his actions serves as a poignant reminder of the power of our choices and the potential dangers of our digital age.

The film’s ability to leave viewers with lingering questions and a sense of unease is a testament to Stephen King’s mastery of blending the supernatural with the everyday. As we navigate an increasingly digital world, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone serves as a timely reminder to remain aware of the potential consequences of our actions and to question the limits of our technological advancements.


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